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Tokio Hotel Family: Dir en grey :DD?

Haha i'm having waay too much fun sharing bands, i honestly think i'll go nuts xD

So this one is a Japanese band called Dir en grey...i'm pretty sure some of you have heard of them.

They along with the Gazette have to be one of my all time favourite bands so be nice xD

I know a lot of you won't like them for 1 of 3 reasons...1 they're kinda sick or 2 they sound like someone i know puts know who you are or 3 they're just....sick.

First song is Child Prey

& second is's the censored don't have to watch it though, it's kinda...well gross. :DDD

I know the videos are out there...especially the second one but the lyrics are actually really meaningful o.O haha

Poll: So....what'd you think? :DDDD (don't hate me...I LOVE YOU!)

Do you like bacon dust? :P

2 Answers

  • 1 decade ago
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    dir en gray, doesn't cinema bizarre like them well anyways dude the first song sacred me because i just finished watching shinee's teaser songs and i put all the volume up and i forgot to put it down and well child prey was scary theses guys are awesome but there too hard core for me that i cant listen to there songs fully because there like scary but there like awesome but i cant handle them but they seem crazy good but i though they changed like they used to be vk but now there not or something like that i heard that they toured with korn and then they changed something like that

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

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