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A question about possible foot diseases?

So, if you have some kind of disease in ur feet what kind of symptoms do you expect to see??

My mom is worried because when she walks she feels that there's a swelling in the heel part of her foot, but when I looked at it nothing appeared to be wrong. Do you think she should see a doctor? or is it normal?

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    Most likely her shoes are too tight, when I play soccer I wear tight cleats to have good traction and control, however, these usually leave blisters and corn (ugly lumps of dead skin).

    A true foot disease is mostly these days associated with types of foot fungus, which would be a lot more obvious (you would be able to see it).

    I do not recommend going to get it checked but if you did, see a dermatologist. Instead, tell your mom to wear some loose fitting shoes. Maybe buy those Doctor Scholl shoe pads. (My Mom uses those).

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