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I have a question about FL Studio...?

I got the demo for FL Studio, and I really want to buy it. I am convinced to buy the Producer's Edition, its just that I want to make sure about a couple of things. I actually do have 2 questions.

Question 1: Is it available in stores? I just want to make sure if it is because I would buy it from there rather than downloading it.

Question 2: If it isn't in stores, and I have to buy the download, do I get backup for it? What I mean by this is if I were to totally clean out my computer (I do this every year), would I be able to get it back? This is important because I plan to use this software for a long time, and I don't want to waste my money.

So if you got any answers for me, please tell me. I want to make sure before I buy it I got all of my questions asked..

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    1. Yes, you can buy it at guitar center. However, you will have to pay local state/country taxes/VAT. Also, the boxed versions do not come with lifetime free updates. You have to purchase them separately.

    (Keep in mind, when new versions come out, you're going to have to download them anyway. Unless you want to pay full retail price again for the box at the store.)

    2. The download to the newest version will always be online, hosted by various Image-Line partners (i.e. brothersoft, ect). If you buy FL Studio online from Image-Line, you'll get lifetime free updates included, so you'll always have the latest version for free. If you need an older version for some reason, Image-Line can supply this to you. Or you can just keep the old installers on a USB drive, CD-R, external harddrive, ect.. just like any other file. Although each update is much better than the previous, so I don't see any reason to want to install a backup old version.

    By the way, if you decide to purchase one of the full editions, here's an instant 10% discount you can use when you buy directly from the developers of FL at Image-Line:

    You'll see that Producer with the discount is now $20 cheaper than originally. Also, Signature Bundle would be $30 cheaper than it's original price.

    Keep in mind the discount is good only once, for new Image-Line customers. If you see anything you like in Signature, you will save huge amounts by getting it in that bundle, especially with the 10% discount on top of that (nearly $600 in savings).

    You can send me an email if you have any more questions.


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    Good questions. You can buy the boxed version in stores, but it is not recommended because 1) it will be more expensive, and 2) it does not come with free updates for the software.

    When you order the download version, you will get the lowest price plus free lifetime updates. Here is a promo link for new customers to get a 10% discount on your entire order:

    I would also recommend the Producer Edition so you get all the features. Signature Bundle is good too if you want extra synths and plugins.

    As for back up if you have to clean out your computer, that is not a problem. You can always download it again by logging into your account on the FL Studio website. Hope this helps!

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    I downloaded FL Studio for free here

    You should definitly try it

    Bye Bye

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