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Danny Jacobs quotes...what do you think?

Danny Jacobs Quotes

"When I'm coming out to the ring to someone like Jay Z whos from Brooklyn, it gets me ready. Brooklyn has a long history I represent."

"The middleweight division has a lot of history & I see myself as just another guy making his place in that division."

"Boxing fans consider the middleweight divisi...on the best of both worlds: power, speed, movement."

"I wasn’t able to go to the 2008 Olympics, but this is MY gold medal -- this is my chance."

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    I recently heard a radio interview with Danny Jacobs and he talked about getting a title shot at Middleweight. He understands that people are going to perceive him as just another "paper champion' but what I like about him is he said " If i had it my way I would have taken the belt from Sergio Martinez instead of fighting for a vacant title", which shows his eagerness to prove himself with the best fighters.

    What's ironic about Danny Jacobs not making the 2008 Olympic team is that he's bloomed more as a professional than any of the fighters from that 2008 team. Its only been about two years this summer since the 2008 Games and you've heard more about Jacobs and Sean Estrada fighters than fall short of the team than you do fighters like Saddam Ali or Demetrius Andrade who made the team.

  • Here is what I think, he's another prospect fighting anonymity! It doesn't matter who this guy faces or if he becomes the middleweight champ because nobody is in the forest to hear the tree fall.

    If I was advising guys like that I would fight like hell to get them on ESPN several times by hook or crook. If 1st & 10 wont give him time to talk about anything then pick an easy well known target & bash them verbally, Dana White would be an easy target & would produce a interview on at least one of the shows. As Floyd & Mosely found out talent isn't enough to break through that media ceiling being held over boxing's head and fighters must realize they have to work to gain national media access.

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    this is somewhat unhappy, I choose him a speedy an finished restoration. it is so unfair that a guy can put in the all the attempt, and take all the possibility that it takes to alter right into a champion and characteristic it taken faraway from him by potential of such an unfair foe. From that hyperlink it souns like he's coping with it properly on the exterior. TONGUE-click!

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    I like Danny. He and I were born on Feb. 3.

    But who has he beaten?

    I would like to see him fight Sergio Martinez.

    I think Danny is ready.

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