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Have you done psychoactive drugs? Hallucinogens like shrooms, DMT, LSD?

I'm thinking of giving it a try but I know I have a very bizarre imagination so I know there may be some stuff I don't want to see come to life or see at all for that matter! LoL! But I'm a very dreamy person so I know I would appreciate the beauty. What about you guys?


R80: Well actually these aren't really drugs, they are psychoactive compounds that are found in plants that you can actually grow in your backyard legally! Unlike weed... People call them drugs but they aren't. There are weed substitutes as well that are 100% legal depending on what country you live in. :D

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    i only smoke weed, but that doesnt really count as a drug. haha, i was with one of my friends one time when he was on shrooms and he was talking sh*t to trees and stuff. it was hilarious. just dont go into doing shrooms when your mad, go into it happy. haha have fun!

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    No not yet, but it wouldn't hurt to try but I'm a naturalist. I enjoy life the way it is.

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    That's some crazy stuff. No i haven't

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