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Have you done psychoactive drugs? Hallucinogens like shrooms, DMT, LSD?

I'm thinking of giving it a try but I know I have a very bizarre imagination so I know there may be some stuff I don't want to see come to life or see at all for that matter! LoL! But I'm a very dreamy person so I know I would appreciate the beauty. What about you guys?


Serenity: I'm 24, and I like saying "lol" And actually the younger generation are the ones that really aren't saying it... o.O

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    hallucingens can give people very good, benefitial experiences. there is little to no negative health effects, and any mental effects are obviously temporary. however, they can change your perspective on life, depending on how much you take. ive done shrooms four times and lsd countless times, and ive honestly never had a "bad" trip. ive been scared at certain points during trips, but you always have to remember that you are on drugs, and any bad/scary thoughts are only temporary. if you take a normal dose, say one hit of sydney or 2.5 to 3.5 grams of shrooms, you will probly have a very pleasany trip that is great for visuals and other sensory feelings. taking a larger dose, like a couple hits of lsd or 5 grams of shrooms, will make you start to lose contact with reality and enter a dreamlike state. if you want to just trip and have fun, take a small dose, and have plenty of good music. i think that being on a psychedelic is like going back to being a little kid, only times a million. you are totally amazed by the world around you, and your imagination is flowing through everything. music is the best part in my opinion. when i listen to music, i feel like my entire body is filled with the beats and rhythms, and every sound just resonates throughout my whole body. the most completely happy and joyous moment of my life was the first time on lsd, listening to windowlicker by aphex twin. when youre on sydney, music just makes you so incredibly happy. heck, everything makes you happy. you can do anything on lsd and it will be the time of your life. you just have to take the time to appreciate it, and not be worried about if its weird or stupid or whatever. now, dmt is entirely different. with dmt, you completely lose contact with reality. its almost like you black out and enter a dream world where everything around you is alive. at first its just black with spots of color that pulse and seem to be breathing. then you feel like your body is pulled forward at an incredible speed, and you start seeing larger shapes and patterns that all seem to be alive. some people claim to see beings like elves or aliens, but i never have. i just float through a colorful, moving, pulsing space where everything seems to be alive and everything is happy and all seems right and just. psychedelics made me appreciate life to a degree i never have before, and made me appreciate how powerful the human mind is. a person can be completely at peace with themselves and feel total joy and happiness, just by putting a little piece of paper on their tongue or eating some mushrooms. i would recommend psychedelics to anyone, as long as they take them in a safe and smart manner

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    if your still saying LoL i believe youre too young to do drugs. They are fantastic, but not until you are mature enough and mentally prepared.

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    No. All drugs are bad for you even if they seem harmless. They all impact you in a negative way. Don't do them.

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