Need Advice. I'm 22 and just found out I'm pregnant. I am on birth control and we always use condoms.?

Neither of us are ready for kids.. And no I don't believe in abortion, but I have a medical condition and my doctor said I shouldn't have kids. I am fighting pre cancerous cells for cervical cancer and have to have a procedure every 3mths to keep the cancer cell growth down.. My dr thinks abortion is the best bc it will keep me from most likely getting cancer and also I have a good chance of not being able to carry the child full term... But how do I know what the right choice is and how to I live with it?

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    Well it is unfortunate that this has hap pend, just make sure you are always using protection and two sources is best. But i would follow the doctors orders (even though i was totally against abortion and never tell people to have one) but if a doctor thinks its for the best it probably is. If you ccouldn'tcarry your baby full term you are in for one long ride since you will probably have to spend lots of time in the hospital with the baby. But also think about never being able to have children and make sure you are ok with that. If you think you will regret it later on then maybe you should go ahead and try to have the baby since you are still young and the cancer isn'tas bad right now. You have a lot of choices to make and i'm sure you will make the best choice for you. Best of luck!

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    I was in the same boat as you, I had cancer and got pregnant, my doctor advised me the best thing was abortion...the last of my options. I ended up getting the abortion because i was already a mother and needed to be there for her and not worry about my life ending if I took the risk. One month later I got pregnant again and said there is a reason I got pregnant so fast and I said I'll take my chances and carried her full term and she is now a healthy 4 year old and I couldn't be happier. And I am due in 3 weeks with number 3 so.

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    i had my child at 16 and was thinking about adoption because i had cancerous ovaries.keeping my child was the best decision i have ever made in my entire life even though i wasnt ready and wouldnt be considered ready at my age of 19 yrs old.Doctor told me the best is to have a abortion but as i have seen on many occasions no it is not.i even got endometriosis after him and i continue to have some problems but it got me over the cancer.i love my son and he is my everything and i think you should keep this child and do whatever it takes.if so go with adoption because abortion just isnt right i mean..under certain circumstances but a case like this i suggest keep this chil or adoption.btw i ended up getting pregnant while undergoing the patch of birth control still got prego.

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    I am sorry to hear this .... I would get a second opinion. You could always give birth via a C section that way the baby doesn't go down the birth canal.

    I don't know what I'm talking about but I've heard many mother's say they went against what their doctors said (in relation to not being able to have kids/warned not to) and they did anyway and everything was perfectly fine.

    Only you can make this decision for yourself ... but again, I would get more opinions.

    God bless

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    If you aren't ready and have a medical condition forcing you to care for yourself first then I would get the abortion. You can always try to have children later.

    An abortion can the responsible choice but it's all about how you view it.

    It's your choice, not ours. This is something you have to figure out for yourself.

    If you need free counseling while you are making your decision (they respect your decision whatever it is):

    Good luck.

    ~Pro-Choice Momma and Midwife; Have had an abortion <no regrets> and I have a 18 month old daughter <no regrets>. I believe in protecting my daughter's choice.

    Abortion: There is a Consensus

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    I'm sorry for your situation. I don't believe in abortion unless it's medically necessary. The doctor knows what's best for you, dear. The baby may not survive the cancer treatments and may be affected by them. Your doctor said the baby will affect your healthy. Just pray for guidance. Either way it's a terrible situation to be in.

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    Hmmm. Thats weird. I had a bad pap during 1 of pregnancies and they did a colpo which showed I also had pre-canceros cells. I ended up getting LEEP surgery and although my paps ( which I have to get every 3-6 mths) everything is fine with my child. Hes 10 now. I always have bad paps in fact I have to go for another colpo 2morrow.

    Edit: I thought I might add that I have had 2 children after my 10 yr old ( they are 7 and 5) and currently pregnant w #6

    This site might help you put ur mind at ease also

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    I really think you should think about getting an abortion. Also, get another doctor's advice before you do anything.

    This is a really tough situation, and while you don't believe in abortion, that may be the best option here. You have a really serious medical condition that could effect your entire life, and going through with the pregnancy may make it worse.

    My thoughts are with you,


  • Gosh hun, I'm so sorry.. You really need to talk to your doctors and find out more about what your options are.. If aborting the baby is whats best (since it may not live to full term anyway because of your treatments) then it may be something you have to do

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    I pray that you carry this child to term this could be your miracle baby please seek other advice and resources call Birthright 1-800-550-4900 God Bless

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