what is the best product to use to finish my ak-47 furnature. Looking for the most correct color and the?

best overall finish.

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    Want a finish that will be durable and very purdy? Go with tung oil since it will enhance the natural color and grain of the wood. Although Lindseed oil will also get the job done it is messier and requires more cotes to get a good finish. Tung oil costs more tho but its worth it.

    I am also assuming you have already removed the old finish to get to bare wood? If not get some mineral spirits and wipe the wood repeatedly to remove the old finish. Any dents in the wood you can either use a wet rag and an iron to briefly steam the area to remove the indentations or use the isopropyl alcohol trick where you drop a little bit of water into the dent, drop some isopropyl alcohol, just a couple of drops, and light it with a lighter to cause the water to steam briefly and pop the dent out. The iron and rag method works faster. Try not to use sand paper or wood fillers if you want the result to come out nice. If you have a big hole or small chunks and dings use a wood filler that stainable and get those wood touch up pens that closely reseble the color of your wood to match the color. Wipe the wood down with a wet rag before you stain or cote it then use 0000 steel wool to get all the burrs off and make a nice smooth finish. The first cote of oil (tung or Lindseed) you wanna do a 50/50 mix of oil and mineral spirits to let it soak into the wood better. The subsequent cotes just use pure oil that I let dry for 24-48 hours before applying another cote. In between cotes lightly go over with 0000 steel wool until you get to your final cote at which case if the finish is too shiny for you just do a light pass with 0000 wool until desired luster is achieved. I did this on my mauser and it only required 5 cotes of tung oil to get a shiny finish that is very hard and durable.

    Keep in mind rags that have been exposed to Lindseed oil are highly combustible so remember to dispose of them properly.

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    First use 150 grit for rough sanding. Then wet the wood to raise the grain and sand it again. Sand it with 400 grit sandpaper for the finish. I have refinished stocks before. You may wan't something with a slight red tint. When you do stain it put on one coat then wait for it to completely dry, then put on another coat of stain if you want it darker. Then get some outdoor urethane, probably semi-gloss but I go for glossy then apply it, wait an entire day, sand it with the 400 grit sandpaper lightly and put on another coat. You want at least 3 coats but put on 4 maybe 5.

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    I just refinished my buddy's ak47's furniture . I sanded it down and stained it then just though on a few coats of polyurethane spray can clear coat. they turned out very good looking.

    Source(s): just did this last weekend
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