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Why was Hogan vs Shawn Michaels at Summerslam 2005 such a botch fest?

Shawn made that match a joke by overselling every move of Hogan. It was so bad that it was annoying and the match didn't even look credible. Was it the worst match worked by Shawn? I think even Khali vs Shawn was a MUCH better match than this.

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    Simple. Shawn wanted to do a Face vs Face match, but Hogan started with the politicing, which led WWE creative into forcing Shawn to dig up his heel antics from 1997. Shawn was really pissed off over this (with good reason) and started DRILLING the hell out of Hogan with the promos.

    Over discussing the finish, many determined that HBK should beat the immortal Hogan, or the match would end in a DQ. Hogan interjected and used the creative control in his contract to change the finish to a clean finish. (Because Hogan tends to think he is more over than he actually is.)

    It comes down to this: If Hogan wasn't going to be a professional AT ALL on his end, why the hell should Shawn. I don't know about all of you, but I'm very glad that Shawn did what he did.

    Source(s): Heart Break and Triumph: The Shawn Michaels story.
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    Hulk Hogan Vs Shawn Michaels

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    Many thought that the match was pretty good. It was a main event match and when i watched this i thought it was a bad match for a Shawn Michaels match but a good match for a Hulk Hogan match. I heard that Hogan had to do some serious politic-ing backstage. Hogan wanted a match so Vince gave him one, but it was stated in Hogan's contract that he should get a clean finish even though HBK proposed for a disqualification finish. But Hogan apparently wanted a win so they gave him one, HBK was supposed to win in the next rematch in Unforgiven but somehow Hogan miraculously told them that he can't do the job because his knee has been "bugging" him lately. So apparently, the only time that these two would ever face each other was at Summerslam and although it was a bad match and a huge disappointment on HBK's part. It turned out to be a good Hogan match but I am deeply disappointed that they made Shawn look like a weakling and that HBK has to make the "Hulkster" look good. I swear a legdrop finish?!? that is SO LAME, and how long did it took for Hulk to give it anyway? 120 minutes of hulking up...I feel sorry for Shawn because everyone knows he can beat Hogan anytime even in Hogan's prime. This match opened my eyes to what kind of person the Hogan really is backstage and I am disappointed in him.

    (P.S. Overselling was hilarious! I thought it was funny how Shawn made Hogan look ridiculous.)

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    Summerslam 2005

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    I'm not sure it is Shawn's Fault as much as Hogan's. With hogan being the name that he is Do you no think He was told to sell the moves to try and make Hogan look credible as a wrestler?

    While he did over do it, working with Hogan at that time would have been a nightmare, he was barely average in the 80's. He got much worse in ring from their

    But i still blame this on Hogan, if you look at his last two mania Fights against Undertaker, who is old as well, they put on two great matches. Shawn Also Proved his ability to work with younger wrestlers in his Mania fight against Cena

    So Shawn has put on incredible matches with these two, one who is just as bad in ring as Hogan yet a big name, and another who is of course old. And shawn, and yes Taker and Cena as well put on great matches.

    So that leaves Hogan as the fault and not Shawn

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    Okay.. Poor HBK.. I hope he is going to take a time off for his pain he suffered during his Summerslam 2006 match. Although, i would want to see him on Monday Night Raw. Well, i did notice HBK's arm being down all the time on Summerslam photos..

  • Yeah I absolutely hated that match. It was one of HBK's worst matches.

    Source(s): It's Real-It's Damn Real
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    It was kind of funny though but it could of been a much better match.

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    the match was very funny.

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