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Ventolin spray feels like it's hitting my throat, vs going deep into lungs - how can I use it properly?

I think I'm following the instructions the nurse gave me, as well as the patient information leaflet.

I sit up, exhale, start to inhale strongly and deeply, and depress the ventilator a few seconds after that. I feel the Ventolin hit my throat. Is this to do with the angle? Should I try to angle the ventilator differently? Or breathe differently?

Many thanks for your help!!


It's not the HFA inhaler, it's the Evohaler.

Update 2:

Hi Centurion - thank you, yes you've been hugely helpful!

Question: if it's assumed only 10 - 20% of the spray actually hits its target, does that mean that volumes are optimised to account for this?

I mean, is each shot calibrated so that the 10% your lungs actually receive is as much as you need?

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    It sounds like you're using the inhaler correctly, and ultimately, you can tell if you're using it right by whether it is effective - ie improves your breathing. 80-90% of the spray is expected to either be absorbed from the throat, or swallowed - only 10% is expected to get into the lungs. If the ventolin is not improving your breathing after 10 sprays, then consider getting medical attention, and if your peak flow is less than 75% affected, get medical attention.

    For the long term, to make your inhaler more effective, use a spacer. A spacer is just a plastic chamber, which disperses the spray, so that more of it reaches the lungs. Provided you're not having difficulty breathing, you could experiment making a spacer out of a clean dry plastic container with a tight fitting hole for the inhaler and a hole for your mouth - spray the inhaler into it, then breath it all in.

    Hope that helps.

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