Whats the maximum miles a car im buying should have?

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Im looking to buying a new used car. Whats the maximum miles I should allow in a car im looking at? No more than 100k? 70k?
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Mileage isn't important. Condition is what's important for a used car.

If the car was well cared for the high miles won't matter. If the car was abused and neglected having low miles does not make it a better car. You should avoid any car that is not in excellent mechanical condition.

Don' t get me wrong mileage is a factor, it just isn't your top priority.

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  • Stupid Flanders answered 4 years ago
    It totally depends on how long you are expecting it to last. If you expect to drive it for a long time, I would buy something with a proven reliability record and less than 60K miles.

    Also make sure you get it inspected by a professional mechanic. A used car is only as good as the prior owners took care of it.
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  • LT answered 4 years ago
    Look at the condition of the car, not the mileage.... bought a car (because of the low mileage) with 23,000, one big piece of junk. I also have one I bought with 185,000 miles on it and still drive it today. How well a car is maintained has a lot more to do with it than the mileage.
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  • Hank Scorpio answered 4 years ago
    Depends on the manufacturer and (mainly) the engine.

    Low displacement (I4)=buffer for more miles (Civic, Corolla) 100k would be reasonable
    High displacement (v6)=you want less miles (Mustang, BMW, etc.) 75k would be okay (but pushing it)
    Turbo/supercharged 4=you want zero miles (hehehe)...under 50k is where you want to be.
    Turbo/supercharged 6=don't touch with an 80 foot pole even when it's certified.

    That's my guideline...though I make exceptions for cars that are really special/limited edition. I'm assuming this isn't.

    I didn't mention the manufacturer part...basically honda, toyota, and some GM engines (mainly LS series) are the best for longevity.
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  • ? answered 4 years ago
    no more than 300k.

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  • Who is Jack.... answered 4 years ago
    Depends how old the car is and sometimes the make and model. Also if it has full service history or not.
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  • FRANK answered 4 years ago
    I don't buy a NEW USED Car with more than 35 K. Things Really start going wrong when you hit 70K or 100K, better know where your getting the car, try to get a Warranty from a Dealer!
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  • Drew answered 4 years ago
    Usually cars devalue sharply after 100k. So you probably want to find one with less. Especially if it is new used, because if it has alot of miles and is newer it means it was used more than average and will need more maintenance. I usually look for one around 50k give or take 20k.
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  • Ale answered 4 years ago
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