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How to get into film directing and writing?

I am fifteen right now, still have a while until college, but I like to understand everything first before I jump into it. I have been directing short and long films since I can remember. My movies have become more and more mature through the years and I am very serious about becoming a director/writer. II am okay for being just a director for some films, but I definitely want to write my own screenplays for my films. For my movies right now I write hour long screen plays and my family and friends help and act in my films, and I have editing software to get it onto youtube and dvd. I need to be a director I am going to be a director, but additional thoughts would be appreciated. Film festivals I can attend? Good schools? Do I have to live in LA or New York to be a director, and how can I get into directing and writing movies, my idol is M. Night Shyamalan, thank you

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    Go to drama and acting school, learn the basics and fundamentals, you don't have to become an actor, but learn techniques of acting that you can implement in your films/plays/skits. Some acting classes/schools have the opportunity for students to practice directing, look around if their are any local acting troops/classes/schools.

    University is where your really going to learn and experience your trade (We don't have college in Australia, we go straight from High School to University). So whatever you plan on doing at college, just hold out for it, I can't think of much else you can do in the mean time, other than keep doing home movies, learn camera techniques like angles, colour, lighting, sequencing. Watch and research other film directors to see what they do.

    Learn how to use video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects, find some tutorials on the net, you can download the trial version of them from

    Just try and learn new and different skills, be different, imagine new concepts that haven't been tried, that's what separates generic directors who end up directing toothpaste commercials to amazing directors that get handed millions and millions of dollars to direct movies.

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    How To Get Into Directing

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