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  • 1 decade ago
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    歌名I Want I Want

    演唱Digitalism (來自德國的dance punk 雙人電音組合)



    As if it was so easy to go (to go)

    A walk to something special before (before)

    And everything you want is to know (to know)

    How is waiting for me anymore?

    The days are getting longer now

    In futuristic silence

    Does anybody anyhow

    Care about anything?

    Now if you've lived in shadows before and you entered the light

    So now, what do you say?

    Am I not always be wanting this? (x4)

    Now if it was so hard not to return (to return)

    Why shouldn't I come back?

    A few things in my head raise a concern (a concern)

    It's because I lost track of you

    Having disappeared from the past

    Waiting on the other side

    Funny in a certain way

    You found me, Here..

    In the night

    So please hit me now and put the light on, yeah

    Am I not always be wanting this? (x8)

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