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Petco? Gecko and fish?

I was gonna get a gecko from petco but I need to get rid of my fish. I don't have anywhere to give them too can I give them back to petco? I'm not asking for any money back

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    Most large pet stores will usually not take their fish back after the warranty period ends. Even if you think your fish is healthy, they usually don't want to contaminate their own tanks, and your fish are also probably too large to be considered for pets. They probably won't live very long either. I tried to do the same thing with Petsmart, but they said that their communal tank for rejects is for cichlids only, which makes it hard to add any other sort of fish, and my fish was way too big to add back in. They suggested I go to a "Mom and Pop" store; in other words, a store that is not a chain and only has one store.

    Petco is also a bit iffy for getting reptiles. Fish are usually fine because they don't require much space, food, or lighting, but reptiles do, and Petco usually overfills a very small tank and doesn't clean or feed properly.

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    go ahead and try, after all it just means they're making money, Just don't release them, this is a major mistake made by a lot of fish keepers, it can damage entire ecosystems.

    Source(s): I am the proud owner of 4 healthy reptiles and 2 aquariums full of fish and i have researched almost all there is to know about reptiles and some of what there is to know about fish care.
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