Is the Greek Christian name, Loida, the equivalent of the English name Lois?

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    the name Loida is the latin name variant of the Greek name Leda Λήδα Leetha (the ''th'' like in ''th''ere). Leda was the mother of Elen of Troy and of the Dioskouroi brothers, Kastor and Polythefkis, the gods of light, honor, bravery and kindness.

    although the name Loida has been transferred to the Greek catalog of names is not used and it doesn't have a Christian day of celebration, like the majority of Greek names.

    for Greeks our name celebration is very important.

    the name Leda has 2 separate dates that are celebrated by the Greek orthodox Church on 27th of March or on the 20th of May.

    and yes it has been in english as Lois.

    Source(s): native Greek.
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    Loida is the name used in Spanish translations of the New Testament -- as has already been noted, it's the name of St. Timothy's grandmother (2 Timothy 1:5). The original Greek is Lois (in Greek characters Λωις), so Loida is a variant of Lois rather than the other way around. Loida is no more related to Leda than Lois is to Louise, but they sound much alike and cause confusion (just today I got a letter from someone wanting to verify whether I'm Lois or Louise, and a great-nephew of mine spent all of last Christmas Day calling me Louis)! In addition to Lois Lane, there are other famous Loises. At least two more modern and real-life ones that come to mind are authors Lois Lowry and Lois McMaster Bujold.

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    Defenetly not, it's rare for a greek name to have an english name... there are a few, like Anastasia, Maria, Anna, etc. So good luck in finding a name, if you are married to a greek and need to do this for your child.

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