Which of these banks is more update with transactions? Bank Of America, Wachoiva/Wells Fargo, or Chase?

I'm trying to find out which of these banks are the fastest with keeping up with transactions. For example if I use my debit card and the gas station, which one of these banks would show up on my account the fastest, for a better updated account?

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    I don't know much about Wachovia, Wells Fargo, or Chase, but BofA has fantastic online banking. Most of the time the banks don't have as much to do with transactions not showing up as the merchants. I know most gas stations either pend the charge for $1 or pend it for way more than the purchase price and it usually takes a few days for it to clear. I like BofA's online banking since it clearly shows everything that is pending.

    Source(s): BofA employee
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    Wachoiva/Wells Fargo..

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    All of them use similar technologies

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