Midget's in Movies that no joke is made about?

Does anyone know any movies that feature midget's or a midget but there is NO joke made about it their just in the background or in a minor role. (They cant be playing the part of a creature like an Oompa loompa.)

I'm making a random trivia question with my friends. XD

I can only think of two, Transformers 2 (everyone laughed in the theater but their wasn't an actual joke made so i guess it counts u.u) and Total Eclipse theirs just one in the background as Verlaine leaves Rimbaud to go back to his wife.

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    A wonderful role...

    Troll (1986)

    Phil Fondacaro as Malcolm Mallory


    Here's a special scene:


    Youtube thumbnail

    I don't recall anyone saying anything about her. She definitely isn't in the movie as a joke, but she provides many laughs because she is so sharp-tongued and vivacious.

    Unconditional Love (2002)

    Meredith Eaton as Maudey Beasley


    Here's the movie trailer:


    Youtube thumbnail


    People make remarks a couple of times, but he is not present as a joke. This is a great role/movie!

    The Station Agent (2003)

    Peter Dinklage as Finbar McBride


    Here's the movie trailer:


    Youtube thumbnail

    Check out these movies:

    The Bride (1985) with David Rappaport

    Ship of Fools (1965) with Michael Dunn*

    You're a Big Boy Now (1966) with Michael Dunn

    Murders in the Rue Morgue (1971) with Michael Dunn

    Time Bandits (1981) with Rappaport, Kenny Baker and many others

    *I'm not sure that Michael Dunn ever played a role in which he was merely a joke.

    Although Warwick Davis wears prosthetics sometimes, he has had quite a career, including "Willow", which you might want to take a look at, if you don't already know about it. Here's Davis' IMDb filmography:


    Here's the filmography of film veteran Billy Barty, whose career is filled with great roles:


    I'm sure that I know of many more, such as Billy Curtis as Mordecai in "High Plains Drifter" (1973).

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    Lord of the Rings

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    Mini me they never reference his size besides his name and all the jokes.

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