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Turning 18 next month and extremely motivated in regards to getting out of my parents house *tips and info plz?

I turn 18 in August and will be starting community college in the same month as a freshmen. I have lived with my parents for my whole life and have always been provided for and am grateful for it, yet I always feel controlled and supressed because "they know whats best for me". Long story short, I'm indebted to my parents for raising me well but I feel like it is my time to go.

Like I said, I will just legally become an adult in august. So the problem I have is getting my butt on track in able to pay for everything. I've just started my second job two weeks ago and work as a cashier making 7.50 starting out hoping I can get paid more with hard work. My first job I work in a restaurant/cafe setting making 7.75.

I also go to college full time

The rooms around me are going for 400-600 with utilites included and I can eat balanced and healthy at my jobs for 2-4 dollars a meal. otherwise im eating the staples at home.

I'm used to working hard and doing what needs to be done in order to get things out of the way. Hell, If need be I'll sleep in my car or anywhere else I can find and take showers in bathrooms: thats how badly I want to move out.

btw insurance for me is around 200 and gas would be 40-50 a week for the used lexus mid sized suv that I worked for myself by washing cars and mowing lawns in the neighborhood at 16.


At my first job I prepare food, and in FL unfortunately that is what they pay minors :(

Update 2:

At my first job I prepare food, and in FL unfortunately that is what they pay minors :(

Update 3:

to the second poster. I never said it was going to be easy. Nor did I write with a demeanor as such. I understand it will be extremely hard. My question specifically asks for help. I would have greatly appreciated any helpful info from you. Anyway, thank you for the luck. Not so much for the tidy line of dots...

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    I'm not sure where in Fl. you live but I use to live in Ocala and right off the highway I thinkit was called N. Blitchton Road there is a small trailer park. The places are very small but they were only 200.00 for a small place. enough for one person. They also had a lot of starter jobs Gas Stations, resturant convient stores all with in walking distance.

    So if you do live near there you could save on gas by riding a bike everywhere. Its a small trailer park so you'll meet friends and be close but be careful of meeting new people. Some times you'll meet some one really cool and suddenly they get sticky fingers.

    I think you'll be fine and don't worry if you do need to go back home becauese things become overwhelming most of us do have to and feel lucky because those who don't go home can't because their parents wont let them.

    My best advice to you would ask your parents if you could change their garage or basement into your own apt. and pay them 200. a mth and make sure you set down the fact since you rent you get new and better rules. remember anywhere you live is going to have rules. Some places will throw you out over a party or being too loud so if u could convert apart of your parents house you know you would be in a safe area, have neighbors you like, the old lady makes good food. make sure you pay for food she cooks you. Then you'll have all the niceness of home but not the rules. that way you can study and go to work and not worry about a room mate or theives.

    I left home when I was 13 and unfortunately I never went back but my step kids have been back and forth. Don't be afraid to fail. Its your first time out. Just be confident and don't let no one take advantage and I would try to find a place with a month to month lease so if you do need to move out they can only sue you for one month instead of 12.

    Good Luck and think positive. I would try asking your parents if you can rent the gargage it has a seperate door you can buy those fake walls to seperate your bedroom from your living room. Lay down a big rug, peices of carpet or in the kid section at wal mart they have those mats that hook together like a puzzle. move you in a fridge. pay a little xtra for their laundry or go to a laundry mat. besides you'll have your own pad and you'll be close soyour parents wont worry to much. I bet if you set boundrys you will thiink of it as your own pad.

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    I think your goals are admirable and I wish you success.

    You may be able to save money by sharing an apartment or mobile home or house with one or more housemates. They can help pay the rent and utility bills.

    Have you considered the military? That will get you out into the world on your own, you'll probably be able to save some money, and there are post-service benefits, such as financial aid for college.

    One very important item that many young people neglect: set up a budget, preferably a computerized one, enter every expenditure that you make, and stick to your budget.

    You didn't say what your job was in the restaurant job, but $ 7.75 is fairly low pay. Wondering if you could do better than that as a server. If you're good at it and the restaurant is a fairly decent one, you should be able to make good money from tips. My step-grandson made about $ 80/day as a server near his university.

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    on paper it looks easy as, but in practice, its hard work, you'll get to the stage where you'll ask did I move out for, I had free food, free laundry, tv, phone, everything..... Good luck, i hope it works out for you.






    *lol shaking head*

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