Carpal Tunnel - successfully switch dominant hand?

i have carpal tunnel in my right hand, and i'm not even "old" - uh, don't ask how it happened...ok, let's just say it has *everything* to do with having used my computer mouse at an improper angle *constantly* (and i mean *constantly*: for over 6 hours at a time, for about 2 weeks straight....ok, yeah, i was using it as my "joystick", playing an online game, lmao - but dammit, i was getting *really* good at it! ) ;)

that was over 3 months ago...i have used my computer very little since then (and no game playing!)...however, despite having used a splint, my right hand has been basically rendered useless ever since - i have a constant, dull pain running up the full length of my arm, a burning sensation in my wrist, pins and needles sensation in two of my fingers - which also sometimes spasm for some reason, *and*, the wrist is so weak, i can't lift anything with, not even a coffee cup. :(

and no, i haven't gone to the dr. yet - why? because i read that there's very little they can do, except, i'm still holding out hope that it will get better. :(

anyway, a few weeks ago, i switched my mouse to left-handed...i'm able to use it (and no, i'm not "ambidextrous" - nor is most anyone else on the planet, btw - people *say* they are, but unless one can write just as easily with one hand as with the other, then no, you're not ambidextrous - end of rant, lol)...

however, i'm still having trouble adjusting fully - or my brain is, anyway...but the *really* odd part? i'm *left-handed*! - although not ambidextrous, like many lefties, i *am* extremely cross-dominant - which means i "have to" do certain things with my left hand (such as writing and using a utensil), and yet, my right hand wants to do just about *everything* else in life! (such as throwing a softball, bowling ball or dart, batting, playing the guitar, crocheting, and...using a mouse!)...

it's bugging the carp outta me that i can't just "adjust" - so, after reading all that nonsense, here's my question!:

have you successfully changed your dominant hand (not necessarily for writing or eating, but for just about everything else) due to your CTS? meaning, it comes automatically to you now, without thinking about it? if so, how long did it take to switch over? also, if you have any random info/advice you care to share about CTS, i'd really appreciate it. :)

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  • 9 years ago
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    Well I haven't switched over due to Carpal tunnel but I do everything on the computer with my right hand and I am left handed - didn't take me too long to get adjusted but it is suffice to say that you will be getting carpal tunnel in the left hand due to too much on the computer - That I do know -

    Try getting a brace for your hand - I did and the pain and numbness went away in two days

  • mine didnt

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