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What are the continuing education requirements for a professional engineer in the state of pennsylvania?

a law was recently passed mandating PE's take 24 continuing education units in order to maintain a PE license in good standing. i was looking for a little guidance in this matter as i am a bit older and having trouble finding a good source of information online.

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    You may not need to look for them --- they will find you.

    If you are a registerd PE, then the schools will purchase mailing lists of PE's registered in PA and will be contacting you.

    Also, per the website PSPE.org , you have a moratorium now until April 2012, instead of September 2011. It says that the CE credits can be awarded for "presenting a paper" at a professional conference, taking law or ethics classes, publishing an article or a book, etc. or even registering a patent.

    It appears that the regulation lacks clarity at this point as to what qualifies as CE credits. There is no "approval process" really in place. Right now, they seem to cite "wide latitude" as far as what qualifies as CE credit, but have not specifically determined what "is" credit.

    Check the right hand side -- near the center --- on the link below for the document and more clarity.


    In fact, you would probably want to register on this website to get notified when more clarity or confirmed classes become available..

    Other potential Online Continuing Education Engineering courses available are below:



    I am an older engineer as well. Good Luck.

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