What is your toddler doing today?

What is your child doing today that is adorable? And what is driving you crazy?

My 2 yr old is pretending to be all sort of animals today; dog, cat, frog, dinosaur etc. So cute!

He is also answering every question with a loud "huh??", like he doesn't understand English. It get's old quickly!

How about your kids?

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    My almost-three year old has spent all day outside, having a water balloon war with my husband. She gives him this huge, innocent looking grin and then throws them as hard as she can lol.

    And, she has also thinks it's hilarious to say "Mama, mama, mama, mama....nothing".

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    My two year old twins have learned to move the couch today. It is really annoying if I turn my back for a second they are pushing the couch around the living room, it's driving the dog (and me) crazy.

    As for cute, well at least they are working together for a common goal. They go through stages of when they will play together and when they are going to fight all day over toys.

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    Today my 3 year old is very loving and sweet! He has been telling me "Mommy, I love you too much" or "Mommy, you are a sweet boy"(he hasn't quite got it down that Mommy is a girl...lol) also giving me lots of hugs and kisses today. Melts my heart ;)

    Driving me crazy...he is playing with his Leapster and his Tag Jr...and he has it repeat everything like 100 times!!!! He loves hearing Thomas blow his horn...also loves the boat horn....lol

    At this exact point in time he is crawling all over his Daddy (wearing him out before he has to go back to work ;) ) telling him he is his jungle gym! Later we will be going swimming!

    Hope you have a great day filled with lots of memories with your little one! Love being a Mommy...even the parts that drive me CRAZY...hahaha

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    My 3 year old is hiding from "bees" (flies) under the kitchen table. She says they're trying to eat her!

    She is also running in and out the door, slamming it each time! The life of a mom! lol

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  • 1 decade ago

    My son says everyone bit and/or beat him. He is always saying his little brother bit him... (he doesn't have any teeth yet). lol Or he will say our Chihuahua bit him (but she will be outside or something). If she is mad at you she will go tell someone else in the house that you bit and/or beat them!

    He is in that phase where he thinks a Band-Aid is the answer to everything.

    My son also says "HUH?" a lot.

    My son has recently started saying "HEY, I'M the boss!". I have NO idea where he learned THAT. Assuming another toddler at day care. lol

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    aww mine is in daycare while im at work :( this morning before i left him he was fascinated by the light in the car that turns and off when you open and close the door and i couldn't get him outta the car! his fascination was cute but then i felt bad when i had to take him out and he started crying...

  • She is... well was... playing with daddy being chased around, taking pony rides on my back, riding her little pony rocking horse, playing with shoes... that kinda stuff. Oh and she hugs both our necks, one arm each, and loves on us and cuddles us.

    She is sleeping now.

    She was being very clingy earlier and my whole body ACHES cuz I'm 11 weeks prego and she wanted me to carry her around all day. It was so hard. :-/

    Source(s): She is 15 months old
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    Our three week old just picked up and threw his first toy for the first time!

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