Why do black women marry rich white men but never marry a poor white man?

The creator of 'Star Wars' left his wife of 15 years for a black woman.

The creator of 'South Park' and black wife are expecting a baby.

The creator of 'Norton Anti-Virus' left his college sweetheart for his black wife. (5 kids)

That Russian Billionaire left his wife and kids for Naomi Campbell.

The Prince of Monaco cheated on his wife with a black woman who is now the mother of his kid.

The Prince of Liechtenstein dumped his girlfriend and married a black woman.

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    Like what happened? Were you like dumped for a Black woman? Oh come here sweetie. Let me give you a hug! Poor hairy thingy! I saw your picture and know why. Like...White girls like us can't compete with the Black women without a lot of botox for the face, collagen for the lips, and fanny boosters so we can look like we have some kind of hips and a$$. Gotta like buy you some boobs. The extensions are easy because most people don't know we have extensions because they look like our hair. You need to go like totally anorexic for like days and have someone rip out that unibrow and brush your teeth if ur from England. Anywayz. I used to look like you before surgery and a total makeover.

    And you did not just like give me a thumbs down! Like WHAT EVERRRR!!

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    It's so more prevalent for extremely rich black men marry white women or non-black women i.e Michael Jordan, Kanye West, Kobe Bryant and Tiger Woods this list is very very long.…. but black women marrying and or dating white men is definitely not common. So kudos to all the white men who marry black women… George Lucas and Robert Pattinson, Dirk Nowitki and Tom Brady dated a black woman before marrying Giselle ( this post just goes to show how far we are divided when it comes to color and race)

  • 1 decade ago

    whatever you are trying to imply here does not hold water. I think you have both black and white races who marry rich and poor men.

    How come Babyface is dating and has a baby with a non black woman

    Michael Jordan's girlfriend is a non black woman

    Quite a few athletes (basketball, baseball, soccer etc) are all dating non black women

    Quincy jones

    Billy blanks

    Montell williams

    Sidney poitier

    and the list goes on and on....

    Yet you find the time point out the handful of black women who are dating/marry rich men.....that is so the minority. A white woman has more chances of dating/marrying a rich man than a black woman does..........

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    5 years ago

    That's kind of shady and I would consider it a fetish that may or may not be caused by brainwashing of some sort. It depends on the person. If I fantasize about a white woman it's a specific white woman that I'm trying to sleep with. I don't fantasize about getting it in with celebrities or famous models. That would be torture for me because it's never going to happen. I keep my fantasies realistic and I try to make them happen in realtime.

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    1 decade ago

    Okay so this means that EVERY black women goes after rich white guys? I don't think so. You are just picking the ones that are in the news and this doesn't account for every black woman out there. Why by the way are you targeting black women? White women go after men with dough just as much as any other woman so why are you making this a black issue?

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    1 decade ago

    My black cousin just makes fun of white guys for the most part and only dates black men. My mom has a crush on John Mayer though but my dad is black

  • Are you trying to say we are gold diggers....

  • 1 decade ago

    im sorry im going to google this, George L has a black woman as a girlfriend? or wife? thats news to me.

    edit: omg, i just googled that george lucas thing, thats amazing. Well, done for her!

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    I'm black and speaking for myself I would marry a poor white man if that's who i was in live with cuz for me it's not all about money

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