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Being a fan of late 90's and early 2K's basketball..?

I wanna know where Shaq, AI, T-Mac, and everyone else is going to end up, but there still talking about LeBron all over ESPN. ESPN is ruining basketball. Is there any news on where these guys are headed besides rumors?

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    Shaq: Mavs, Celtics, Hawks, Spurs have all been mentioned as possible suitors....Personally I think the Spurs would be the best fit for him.

    T-Mac - Wants to play for the Lakers, he has already met and talked with Ron Artest

    A.I. - I've heard Miami, which I think is a rumor started by the fans.

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    From what I've read Shaq is considering Atlanta, Dallas and Miami.

    T-Mac is rumored to go to the Pacers, but he's also considering retirement.

    A.I. has had some talks with Miami, but only Charlotte is showing any interest.

    That's all I have, but maybe someone else has more info.

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    agree, I think they ESPN just spend way too much time with

    Lebron's free agent issue. and he sign with 2 other super star,

    SO?? when lakers had 4 super Stars, no one car (and they

    still lost during th play off, I may add)

    it just miss up the whole offseason,

    Shaq is still un-decided

    there is not information on AI and T-Mac

    (last news I heard from T-Mac is that he want to be part of Lakers

    and Ron Artest visited him to dicuss this further, I guess it didn't

    turn out good)

  • Shaq is considering the Atlanta Hawks and the Boston Celtics and maybe the Miami Heat and maybe even retirement from what I hear

    I've heard absolutely nothing concerning the status of either Allen Iverson or Tracy McGrady

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    Shaq will probably go to the Mavs or the Heat. T-Mac, from what I hear, would like to play with the Magic but he would need to swallow his pride and take the league minimum and be happy as a role player. AI is another player who would need to swallow his pride if he were to come back. I haven't heard anything about who wants him though.

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    Shaq is heading to the Dallas Mavericks. He hasn't picked yet but he will most likely choose them.

    Source(s): WWW.NBA.COM
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    agreed! im so sick of lebum bein on tv so much! who cares!!

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