I got my Dell Inspiron from a foreign country as a present in the summer and now...?

The hard-drive is busted. Would i be entitled to have a new hard drive here?

I have none of its papers or anything because it was a present to me and its not from here, the UK, and so now that the Hard drive is busted am i entitled to a new one? Or a repair?

And if not, how much does a hard-drive cost? Its been less then a year...


Remmber, Dell is an international company...

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  • 10 years ago
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    I remember that Dell is an international company.

    Did you remember to REGISTER your laptop when you got it as a present? I mean, it doesn't matter if you bought it or someone gave it to you... if YOU own it, YOU are supposed to register it.

    So, here is what you do.

    You go to the Dell Support web site. You register your laptop. You make sure you put in the date that you got it. After it is registered, you then call Dell Tech Support, and inform them of the problem, and they will either send you a replacement hard drive, or they will request that you ship them the laptop.

    Why is it so important that you register it? Because if the laptop isn't registered with them, they have no idea WHEN the warranty began. I mean, of COURSE you could just tell them... but if the warranty had expired, and you didn't want to pay for the repair, isn't it possible you could LIE about when you bought it just to make it LOOK like it was still under warranty? This is why the product must be registered first.

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  • 10 years ago

    I would say not. The laws regarding warranties and replacements change from country to country. Your best bets are to 1) get in contact with the person who gave the computer to you as a present and see if they can send you the paperwork or 2) get in contact with Dell in the country it was bought in. You'll probably need the serial numbers so they can track the purchase for you. How much a new hard drive costs depends on a lot of things - size, type, speed and of course, the maker and the retailer.

    Here is a good indication of the different types of Dell hard drives and prices:

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