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Daily nutrition and dieting articles?

I'm about to graduate High School and am really wanting to major in nutrition/dieting. I want to start reading nutrition articles and health articles that have to do with that type of stuff.

Can anyone help me find officiant websites that don't lie and would help me know more information and food and dieting now a days?

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    Very difficult - food industries like the dairy and meat industries do their own biased research, and really have a lot of influence over even the information given out by governments.

    For example I find government dietary guidelines and can be written in a biased way. The way they may group certain foods making one the standard, and make other potentially healthier options seem inferior because the balance of nutrients is not quite the same as their chosen 'standard'. Always look at who sponsored or funded such reports, and take it with a grain of salt.

    Maybe read the WHO and FAO's "Vitamin and mineral requirements in human nutrition" (World Health Organisation and Food and Agriculture Organisation, of the United Nations), which should be available online with a search.

    Another good book I have read is "The China Study" by Dr T Colin Campbell.

    Try the American Dietetic Association, I haven't had a good look at their website but they're a top nutrition organisation in the US.

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    maximum fashions do no longer consume precise - you'll be getting into 6 small food each and daily to maintain your metabolism up, which in turn retains you narrow, lively, and healthy. verify you get extremely some vegetables, fruit, lean meat and fish, besides as healthy carbs and grains. extremely some water and on an familiar basis excercise is quite considerable besides. maximum fashions without agent don't be attentive to this so they have a tendency to starve themselves or no longer consume a balanced foodstuff plan, which basically gets them into complication, and to no longer point out very undesirable for their physique interior the tip.

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    You can find some articles here, just have a look:

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