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When will Naruto and Sakura kiss?

In the shippuden series Naruto and Sakura get so close but they never kiss so does anyone know when they'll kiss

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    ...THey are close but Not close enough to kiss yet....& looks like they would because they are getting closer....In one of the manga chapters, Sakura confessed to Naruto...BUt Naruto couldn't believe her because he still thinks that Sakura Love Sasuke....I don't think Sakura still love( first of all it is not love, it is just a fan girl crush) Sasuke....She decided to kill Sasuke for Naruto's sake!...She still like him as a friend but herself isn't acknowledge that she doesn't love him anymore...Nor the fact that she is starting to fall for Naruto instead....But I m sure as the series go on, their relationship will also grow!...

    I don't think Naruto will change his mind about Sakura just because of Hinata's confession....He can reject Hinata if he doesn' like her( In the manga there was no hint that he liked Hinata as a girlfriend) Those two barely know about each other !!!!!!!!

    Naruto & Sakura will kiss but it is going to take a lot of time though...cause Sakura will first have to acknowledge the fact that she is falling for that baka!!!!!

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    Well, Naruto is still running, and I have watched all series and read all chapters, I can say that till now, they haven't kissed.

    I guess that they wont, cause Hinata is confessing to Naruto in the latest chapters, during the fight with Pain , So I think that her love will surpass Naruto's for Sakura (In my opinion, her love looks like much bigger than Naruto's)

    So I guess that they never will...

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    Probably not especially after hinata finally admitting that she loves naruto.

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    i dont know but if they did that would make the show so much better and juice lol, i have to say at first i didnt think naruto was sexy but when he grows up, well thats another story lol,

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    They don't kiss, probably never will.

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    They never will.

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