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Do you cell phones have IP addreses?

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Best Answer
  • KAPPA answered 5 years ago
IP address stands for Internet Protocol Address, it's practically an address given to an internet user to identify that specific one.
If you have a cell phone with internet such as iPhone, then from whatever Wi-Fi you're leeching off of, that will be its IP address temporarily till you dislocate and move on to another. Otherwise no, if your cell phone doesn't have any internet, it won't have an IP address. Because... there's no reason why it should have one.
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  • Amir Zalaghi answered 5 years ago
    The Cell Phones have specific IMEI Code on mobile network that acts the same as IP Address on Internet.

    When you connect to internet from any device (mobiles, notebooks, ...) you'll get specific IP address.
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  • Maximus answered 5 years ago
    every internet using device has got an ip given by ISP either dynamic or static.
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  • Misc Tech Advice answered 5 years ago
    If you're using GPRS, EDGE, or 3/4G, then yes.
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  • Do you cell phones have IP addreses?
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