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Division winner predictions for the 2010-2011 season? Pre season super bowl picks. favorite team?

raven fan asking for good answers. no negative comments please.

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    West: 1) Chargers 2) Raiders 3) Broncos 4) Chiefs

    Why: Chargers, w/o V-Jax and McNeil, are still the class of the division. It's always possible that the Raiders and Broncos contend for a playoff spot, but I just don't see it happening this year. The Chiefs have NO direction. Dorsey and Tyson Jackson, their last two first rounders, combined for a sack last year.

    East: 1) Patriots 2) Jets 3) Dolphins 4) Bills

    Why: I think the Patriots have a couple of runs left in them, as long as Tom Brady is healthy. Welker won't be himself, but the Patriots should get by. To be honest, it wouldn't shock me if both the Jets and Dolphins get in the playoffs as wild card. The Bills are one of the worst teams in the NFL. Their QB and Offensive line situation is a trainwreck.

    South: 1) Colts 2) Titans 3) Texans 4)Jaguars

    Why: Peyton Manning. The rest of the division is bunched together. Expect a very disappointing season from Chris Johnson. Not only has he missed all offseason, but he received almost 400 carries last season. The Texans are another team that'll contend for a playoff spot. The Jags had a disappointing draft, and really didn't improve their team.

    North: 1) Ravens 2) Bengals 3) Steelers 4) Browns

    Your Ravens had a very good offseason in acquiring Anquan Boldin. The Bengals generally don't maintain success very well, but this team certainly got better in the passing game. The Steelers will be w/o Rapistberger for the first four games, and I don't think they'll be able to overcome it. The Browns field Jake Delhomme at QB. Enough said.


    West: 1) 49ers 2) Cardinals 3) Seahawks 4) Rams

    This is such a weak division. I honestly think the 49ers would finish last in the NFC East. With that being said, they hope they have their franchise guy in Alex Smith. Same with Leinart in Arizona. The Seahawks had a great draft, but have way too many holes on their roster. the Rams will continue to be the worst team in the NFL until Sam Bradford proves he is the franchise QB.

    East: 1) Cowboys 2) Eagles 3) Redskins 4) Giants

    The Cowboys should contend for a super bowl this season. It should be interesting to see how Kolb performs as the franchise QB. The Redskins got a lot better with McNabb, but there are so many egos on that roster to succeed. The Giants were heartbroken Rolando McClain didn't fall to them. Should be interesting to see how the Giants perform after being thoroughly embarrassed the last few weeks of the season.

    South: 1) Falcons 2) Saints 3) Buccaneers 4) Panthers

    The reason why the defending champions won't win the division is the uncertainty. 7 of the last 8 years, a new team has won the division. If Matt Ryan can return and have a healthy season, this is a team to be reckoned with, as are the Saints. The Bucs will surprise a lot of people this season. If Josh Freeman continues to develop, they may have 6 or 7 wins this season. The Panthers lost Thomas Davis for the season, which was a brutal blow to the defense.

    North: 1) Vikings 2) Packers 3) Bears 4) Lions

    This will be a very close division race. Both, the Packers and Vikings, are pretty much even. I'm giving the Vikes the edge for now. The Bears are an enigma. They go out and sign Julius Peppers and give the OC job to Martz. Cutler will be laid flat on his back more than Tiger Woods after a golf tournament. The Lions are an improving team, but won't contend this year.

    SuperBowl prediction: You may not want to hear this, but I think the Ravens will just miss the Super Bowl.

    Colts over Packers

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    I am a Bears fan but think the Cowboys will be good this year along with the Ravens

    the Ravens are loaded with Flaco, Rice and that awsome defense...


    1) Baltimore (13-3)

    2) Cincinnati (10-6)

    3) Pittsburgh (8-8)

    4) Cleveland (6-10)

    Baltimore will win this division because the bengals dont have experience and the steelers wont go anywhere without that ben dude


    1) Indianapolis (13-3)

    2) Houston (8-8)

    3) Tennessee (8-8)

    4) Jacksonville (7-9)

    The colt win the division again because there is still no real threat


    1) New England (11-5)

    2) New York (9-7)

    3) Miami (9-7)

    4) Buffalo (6-10)

    Everybody is all hyped up on the Jets but im not buying it...the Patriots will do ok this year


    1) San Diego (12-4)

    2) Oakland (9-7)

    3) Denver (7-9)

    4) Kansas City (5-11)

    The Raiders will do surprisingly good this year without Russell but Chargers still win the division


    1) Green bay (13-3)

    2) Vikings (10-6)

    3) Bears (8-8)unfortunately

    4) Lions (0-16)

    Packers win the division and Bears miss the playoffs...Loins go 0-16


    1) New Orleans (13-3)

    2) Atlanta (12-4)

    3) Carolina (8-8)

    4) Tampa bay (6-10)

    Falcons do good this year but Saints still win it


    1) Dallas (14-4)

    2) New York (10-6)

    3) Philadelphia (10-6)

    4) Washington (8-8)

    Cowboys have the best record in the NFL and Giants and Eagles tie


    1) San Francisco (11-5)

    2) Seattle (8-8)

    3) Arizona (7-9)

    4) St. Louis (3-13)

    Cardinals do horrible without Warner and 49ers are one of the best teams in the league


    Baltimore Ravens


    Dallas Cowboys

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    East- 1. NY Jets, 2. New England, 3. Miami, 4. Buffalo(worst team in league)

    North- 1. Baltimore, 2. Cincinnati, 3. Pittsburgh, 4. Cleveland

    South: 1. Houston, 2. Indianapolis, 3. Tennesee, 4. Jacksonville

    West: 1. San Diego, 2. Oakland, 3. Denver, 4. Kansas City


    West- 1. Seattle, 2. San Francisco, 3. Arizona, 4. St Louis

    North- 1. Green Bay, 2. Minnesota, 3. Chicago, 4. Detriot

    East- 1. Dallas(Best Team in League), 2. Washington, 3. Philadelphia, 4. NY Giants

    South- 1. New Orleans, 2. Atlanta, 3. Carolina, 4. Tampa Bay

    Preseason picks for Super Bowl XLV: New York Jets vs Atlanta Falcons

    Favorite Team heading into the season is the New Orleans Saints

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    super bowl pick: ravens over 49ers

    fave team: Seahawks

    division winners: Jets, Ravens, Colts, Chargers, Eagles, Packers, Falcons (prob Saints, but I hate the Saints and refuse to pick them lol), 49ers (though I hope Seahawks prove me wrong.)

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    why do people keep picking the Ravens? Nothing against them but here is how I see the AFC North, I think Pittsburgh will be down so the Bungals will win it then the Buzzards, then Pissburgh, and then the Browns

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    North: Ravens =]

    South: MY COLTS

    East: Dolphins (You heard it here first)

    West: Chargers


    North: Packers

    South: Saints

    East: Cowboys

    West: 49ers

    Super Bowl:

    Colts over Packers, 31-21.

    Favorite team: Colts (I am very biased, LOL)

    Source(s): KILAKOMUKU!!!
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    i think that the superbowl will be the colts vs saints. ravens aren't going anywhere for a while

    Source(s): my thoughts
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