DREW (OF VARSITY) - Takes One To Know lyrics

我想知道這首歌的中文歌詞 麻煩各位大大!

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    every time we fight you cry每當我們吵架你就哭泣

    and I’m sitting here asking myself why we try而我坐在這問自己為什麼還要嘗試

    to get along, to hold on去相處 去維持

    girl I just don't know why we don't move on女孩我只是不懂為什麼我們不分開

    baby let’s move on寶貝我們分開吧

    you don't know whether we will get better你不知道我們是否能改善

    girl there ain't no turning back女孩 已經不能再回頭

    you know I hate to tell you that你知道我不想說你

    You want to be oh you are the accuser你想要當 喔 你是控訴者

    girl you think you got me up ahead女孩你以為你能愚弄我

    (副歌)but it takes one to know one但我懂你你懂我

    don't tell me there's no one別告訴我沒有第三者

    girl I know you better than that女孩我比你想像中的還了解你

    ‘Cause you're a cheater, a liar因為你是個背叛者 騙子

    and I just don't get it, get it而我就是不懂

    why the hell we in it, in it為什麼我們陷入這局面

    when I know it’s really you 我知道就是你just admit you were wrong承認你的錯誤

    and I know it’s so clear what's been going on我很清楚事情的經過

    ‘Cause you're the cheater, the liar and the killer因為你就是背叛者.騙子.殺手(副歌)

    lets just keep this real baby寶貝讓我們面對現實

    you keep doing me wrong 你一直指責我錯誤but you're the one who cheats但你才是偷吃的那一個

    to point the blame, call me his name該被指責 喊我他的名字

    baby we both know that this is your mistake寶貝我們都知道這是你的錯

    and now I’m suffering如今我在受苦

    you don't know whether we will get better你不知道我們是否能改善

    maybe we took this too far或許我們已經太過頭

    you’re butchering a broken heart你正在切割一顆破碎的心

    You want to be but you’re the accuser你想要當 但你是控訴者

    and now you know I got the upper head 所以你知道現在是我佔上風


    girl I regret this bomb shell breaking女孩我對於這爆發事件感到後悔

    we're stuck in a place where love is faking我們被困在一個愛正消逝的僵局中

    and baby this love's for life 寶貝 這愛是永恆的but time for someone else is taking over you但你已準備接納別人

    oh girl it takes one to know one喔女孩 我懂你你懂我


    you took my love and killed it girl (x8)你奪走並扼殺了我的愛 女孩

    Source(s): 自己翻
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