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Homemade Saddle Bags?

I want to make a saddle bag for my saddle seat saddles. Where can I find patters for them? Are there patters? Free or cheap?

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    I got the pattern pack from suitability and loved it!!!! I have pretty much every equestrain pattern they have ever put out and havne't been disappointed yet. the bags can be a bit tricky, but after your first few they begin to look really nice. For eight dollars you get "#S7400 Saddle and Bridle Carry Bags and Saddle Covers

    The complete tack protection pattern! Quilted and lined saddle carry bags unzip all around - English bag has detachable shoulder strap, Western has loop handles. Center zip English bag has extra room for other items and can be lined with fleece or made unlined with pommel and cantle padding. The bridle bag comes in two sizes. Saddle covers protect your saddles in the tack room; Western version can be made as a rain cover for riding.



    Source(s): Saddle, Hay & Feed Bags Pattern
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    i made saddle bags to! just go to your nearest fabric/linen show and you can get then so cheap from $3 to $12 dollars and you will need some elastic to and that costs around $2 have fun!!!

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