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Odd question a friend posed to me...?

This one is short & sweet, but really got me to wondering.

Since a baseball is wrapped in cowhide, are vegans allowed to play baseball?


Serious question, by the way. I think the answer is 'no', but I honestly don't know as I don't run with that crowd.

Update 2:

I think "allowed" was the wrong word. My bad. I guess I meant to ask would a vegan do so in good conscience.

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    they're* soul. Don't throw stones if you're living in a glass house. :)

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    It depends on the individual I would say. If it was a big enough deal i'm sure it could be brought to the attention of the league the player played in and a synthetic ball could be used.

    I don't think it would even be possible realistically for a vegan to make MLB (due to vitamins, need of protein for training ,etc) so that would never be an issue. If it was the MLB would probably say, we're not changing the ball you have to deal with it or drop out.

    I have quite a few vegetarian friends and the odd vegan one, its hard to say but most would probably play with it.

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    they are allowed to do anything they want. but even vegans cant avoid it all. im sure they eat jello. guess what? jello has cow bones in it.

    dont believe me? look it up

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    Lmao... No they cant because only true men play sports

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    They aint eatin it

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