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I dont know this horror film, help?

ok a long time ago when i was a kid i saw this scary movie, not sure what its about but i have this vivid memory of it. its about some portrait with people/dolls (im not sure which) in it, and somehow they are coming out one by one, and murdering people. it either came out in the 80's or 90's so please horror movie experts help me out on this one.

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    Tales From The Hood

    "When three drug dealers (Samuel Monroe Jr., Joe Torry, and De'aundre Bonds) are called to a funeral parlor to collect a stash of drugs, they are greeted by the creepy, eccentric Mr. Simms (Clarence Williams III), who proceeds to tell them four moralistic tales of terror regarding the deceased who lie in his parlor. The first tale concerns a man murdered by crooked police officers (Tom Wright) and the officer who begins hearing his voice from beyond the grave (Anthony Griffith) to avenge his death. The second story deals with a boy named Walter (Brandon Hammond), the monster who torments him (David Alan Grier), and the teacher who realizes that something is wrong (Rusty Cundieff). The third story deals with a white supremacist running for governor (Corbin Bernsen) who lives in an old house with a history of racial violence and who refuses to heed the warnings of the supernatural presence that occupies it. Finally, the fourth story deals with a career criminal (Lamont Bentley) who agrees to undergo a horrific behavioral modification program overseen by a government-employed scientist (Rosalind Cash). The stories each become gradually scarier as Mr. Simms go on and as the drug dealers begin to lose their patience, until they are ultimately given what they have come for - and find that there is something much more evil to the funeral home than they ever realized."

    Here's part one of that particular story, let me know if that's it:

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    purely attempt to make your thoughts sparkling. tell her the type you sense and why. tell her which you do no longer prefer to work out violence like that given which you have had adequate of it interior the genuine international. concentration on movies you the two like. detect a no longer-so-frightening horror action picture or one with truly pretend pics. according to threat Sweeney Todd. That one is likewise a musical. Watch some Tim Burton. that's not horror, inspite of the incontrovertible fact that that's frightening.

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    Chuckee. Lol. I just thought of that when dolls come out to kill people. I dont know. I am a horror movie lova but i dont know this one i think.

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    sounds like a pretty cool movie xD sorry dont know what it is but when u get an answer i wanna know!

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    Dead silence or Chuckie

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    poltergeist? i dont know if thats the one you mean but im sure you'd enjoy it

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