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McDonald's interview questions?

Okay so i'm going for my very first job interview tomorrow, and i'm real nervous. What sort of questions do McDonald's ask (so that I can pre-think my answers)? Thanks!

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    These are some of the common questions:

    Why do you want the job?

    What do you know about McDonald's and why do you want to work for us?

    What are your strengths and weaknesses?

    What are your career ambitions?

    What achievements and skills do you think will be useful in this job?

    What kind of things do you enjoy doing outside school/work?

    Give some examples of situations where you have worked or participated in a team and whether that worked well and if it didn't work well, why?

    Give some examples of any customer situations you've been in where you may have faced a difficult customer and how you handled it.

    They also like it when you ask them questions because it shows that you're interested. My mum always tells me that in a job interview it's not just them interviewing me, it's the me interviewing the employer too, because I have to know whether I would even want to work for them. Breathe, be confident and friendly and show them why you would be great working for them :)

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    Mcdonalds Interview Questions

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    I do interviews for my company(also a food outlet). The interview has very strict outlines as to what can be asked and what cannot. These are governed by Government Legislation. eg Religious Orientation, Sexual Preferences, Ageism! But in most cases after a short Maths Test, the interview should be a relaxed informal affair. I would ask things like what are the person Hobbies, Experience they obtained in a working environment, how they have worked in a team at school/college.. What shift Patterns they are able to do. If the person is under 18 there are rules regarding working with Ovens, Knives etc. But in the main it should be as to whether the person wants a job and takes an interest in the company and what his duties/shifts are.

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    dont worry about it. show up on time, be courteous and polite, and you'll get the job. im sure you've been to a mcdonalds before and have seen some of the people they hire.

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    Ha ha if you have the interview, you have the job.Just be confident. Speak clearly. They may ask about your biggest strength/weakness, and some stupid teamwork questions. Speak up and be confident, they really pick up on that stuff

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    they have interviews at mcdonalds i thought they just handed you a mop and told you to flip the burgers

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    hablo Espanol

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    if you can write your own name you should be fine.

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