What is the letter distribution for in Scrabble?

I might sound stupid for asking but I seriously can't figure it out. Does it have anything to do with the blanks?

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    English-language editions of Scrabble contain 100 letter tiles.

    There are two blanks. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scrabble_letter_distr...

      2 blank tiles (scoring 0 points)

      1 point:   E ×12, A ×9, I ×9, O ×8, N ×6, R ×6, T ×6, L ×4, S ×4, U ×4

      2 points:   D ×4, G ×3

      3 points:   B ×2, C ×2, M ×2, P ×2

      4 points:   F ×2, H ×2, V ×2, W ×2, Y ×2

      5 points:   K ×1

      8 points:   J ×1, X ×1

      10 points:   Q ×1, Z ×1

    The distribution of the letters in Scrabble in alphabetical order

    should be printed right there on the Scrabble board.

    One can view the legend on the board for the actual breakdown

    of how many of each letter there are of the 100 tiles total.

    Scrabble tile letter distribution printed is as follows:

    A-9, B-2, C-2, D-4, E-12, F-2, G-3, H-2, I-9, J-1, K-1, L-4, M-2, N-6,

    O-8, P-2, Q-1, R-6, S-4, T-6, U-4, V-2, W-2, X-1, Y-2, Z-1, Blank-2.


    How many of each letter tile are included in a Scrabble® game?


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