Is it ok for moms to bring boys into the ladies changing room?

And up until what age? At my old pool this wasn't an issue, you might see some little boys in diapers or slightly older. But at my new pool these boys keep getting older and older! Recently a grandmother brought her grandson in and he took his sweet time in one of the 2 changing stalls while most everyone else made due in the common area. He took so long i ended up speaking to her and she apologised saying he was too old to change in the open area! Well if thats the case how do you think all the women and girls there felt!?

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    "took them into the changing room with me till about age 7-8, just for safety reasons. After that I let them go in to the boys changing room but I stood right outside the door. I am also not worried about my boys having seen a butt or breasts or w/e they might have seen. "

    That's just plain inconsiderate to the women and girls present. Just because some strange boy knows what a breast or butt looks like doesn't mean my teenage daughter wants him to see hers. It would be mortifying for many teen girls to have some unfamiliar male see them wearing feminine hygiene products also. It is the womens' locker room, not the family locker room (some places do have these). If the boy is too young to go into the mens' locker room perhaps they can wear their swim trunks under their pants and take off their outwear at the pool. We always did. A boy old enough to stare and ask questions does not belong in the womens' locker room. We have made a few leave when they came in to preserve the modesty of the ladies present.

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    Well, I am a mom of two boys 8 and 5. I won't let them go to the mens bathroom alone any where unless their dad is with them. I think people just don't trust older men alone. I don't. Those are the one's that you always hear taking a little boy or something and leaving with them. And they are in the bathroom alone...and then I send my kids in there. I'm afraid they may be checking my kid out lol. idk, it's always been an issue for me. I was touched when I was little by my own grandfather. My grandfather was a well respected man in the community, he was asked to play pro golf after winning state championship in Texas, he was the manager over half of the Exxon plant in Texas. So this is why I wouldn't even trust a well respected man with a child. Maybe I am a bit over protective but if I can save my kids that kind of stress I have done my job. Until they are old enough to say no and fight a grown up, I will be that way. You really have to think about what could go on if you send a kid in a bathroom alone. You don't know who is in there. You don't know who they are or where they have been or if they have done something or are looking for someone. My kids do play outside and do kid stuff but when we are in public it's very different. Hope this helps some and may help you understand more what some people may feel about their kids. Boys and girls both. It's a crazy world so be careful. Now, yes she could have put her grandson in the stall that wasn't a changing stall in the bathroom but I'm sure that this may be why she had him with her.

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    This issue is more about safety than consideration. Until a boy is old enough to not only change on his own, but also be safe waiting outside if he finishes before you do, he shouldn't be sent into the men's changing room alone. A safe age would be different, depending on the area in which you live. But definitely by the time they are 7 or so, at the latest.

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    i think that the rule of thumb is that its acceptable up to the age of 5, after that they really do know the difference between a boy and a girl and would notice if someone was changing and they are old enough to follow basic directions and go in and change by themselves without getting into trouble. after 5, the parents of the opposite gender can just stand outside so the child can yell if they need help and no one could sneak them out because the parent would be standing right at the door, also they can follow the basic rule to kick and scream if anyone tries anything. i dont assume that every man over the age of 20 is a pedophile, if i was feeling really insecure then i would just look for a man with kids going in and ask him to keep an eye on the child. after 5, its just creepy and inappropriate. if hes too old to change in front of others, hes too old to be in the girls room.

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    I took them into the changing room with me till about age 7-8, just for safety reasons. After that I let them go in to the boys changing room but I stood right outside the door. I am also not worried about my boys having seen a butt or breasts or w/e they might have seen. Its fine and it was a good chance to bring up the differences between men and women. With what kids see and hear on t.v today + the internet you can't really shelter them anyway, better that their first exp's with it are before teenager years and with the parent around to answer questions.

    As for other women seeing them who cares? Seriously unless you have taught your kids to be overly modest they won't care about a few women seeing their bottoms at age 7 and especially not at ages below that.

    Its safety first in my mind.

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    yes you dont know all the details of the situation for all you know he may have had some special needs and cant change alone . you really shouldnt judge untill you know the whole situation

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    I think its ok. I'll brink my 8 yr old with me if his father isn't there. Sadly there are alot of creeps out there and I am not willing to take a chance. I usually try to find a corner of the locker room so we don't invade anyone's privacy. Some girls get might get uncomfortable but but usually they just change facing the wall. I have taught him not to stare...unlike some other little boys...but i would rather he glimpse a few bare behinds that risk sending him alone into the mens room.

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