How much is this worth for gamecube?

I have a gamecube, 1 memory chip, three controllers, and eleven games. Including Super Smash Bros. About how much would that be worth? Or should I wait till it is considered valuable, about how long will that be?

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  • 10 years ago
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    It's worth whatever someone will pay for it. Based on personal experience, I wouldn't expect much for it. The worse news is that, as a general rule, the value of electronic games go down in value, not up. There simply isn't a demand for antique games the way there is for items like coins, clocks, watches, etc.

    Personally I keep my old consoles, 'cause you never know when you might get into a mood to go old school and play a game you haven't played in ages. I know there are emulators for them, but they just aren't the same as actually holding the original controllers in hand.

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