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HELP! virus on computer!?

Live onecare is out of business now and i think i have a virus on my computer since i've had no virus protection. I have malwarebytes and already did a scan on it and had nine infected items/objects. i removed them but my computer still isn't working. Ive tried downloading other virus removal programs, but it either freezes or goes to some percent and just stays there. Also sometimes when i try to cancel out of downloading it, it freezes the whole computer. Nothing will work and im getting messages/pop ups saying that microsoft or something has blocked some programs. i Have internet access on this account, but it doesn't show in the icon where it tell you you have internet. it has an X on it. my other account has parental control on it, and it says that parental controls aren't responding and to contact administer, though i can go on aim ( which uses internet) The people at the computer store says Live Onecare went out of business like 2 months ago and for them to fix my computer it would be about 100 if it has a virus.i was hoping i could figure it out myself before i Absolutely have to give it to them. Malwarebytes hasn't found the virus or bug that infecting my computer. Whats a good FREE software that can get me out of this mess. Its really hard to download stuff with this virus, and that includes virus removal soft wares, but i cant go out and buy one at the moment. It also wont let me log onto facebook, but it will myspace. though i could go on facebook last night and i was trying to fix something and i might of blocked it. Anyone know what kind of virus this is and how to get it off my computer. help??

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    sounds like a trojan virus.

    ok if you can get a friend or use another computer to download Spy bot search and destroy and AVG antivirus and put them on a flash drive for you.

    Once you get the programs go into your computers safemode by hitting F8 on startup. Once in safemode insert the flash drive and install the 2 programs. Once installed run them and they will fix your problem, use safe mode with networking because spy bot installs updates. AVG will be your anti virus program now its free and works great. Spy bot can immunize your browsers and find hidden viruses in your computer.



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    YES YES YES A Computer Virus Nothing But Codes Generated Using Any Programming Languages. It Can Be Either Malicious Code Or Executable File. In Case of Codes They Are Attached With Another Data File(s). Executable Files Infect The System When Executed With Or Without User Attention. As Said Before Viruses Are Nothing But Computer Programs/Codes. THEY CAN DO ANYTHING TO HARM YOUR COMPUTER. Hope It Helps... Thank for Reading Till End... :) (y)

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    If you suspect that your computer is infected with a computer virus or other malicious file or program, I would suggest that you run both an antivirus scan, as well as an antispyware scan.

    If you need a free antivirus program, I would recommend that you try using Microsoft Security Essentials, which can be downloaded from the link below.


    If you need a free antispyware program, perhaps you should try using MalwareBytes, which can be downloaded from the link below.


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    Hitman Pro

    Its free its fast and its effective because it uses 6 top antivirus engines in the cloud

    its not a real time anitmalware its scanner just like malwarebytes free

    give it a shot


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    Blessings, All together i think you might have to put your computer in the shop. AVG is Free but you cannot down load it on your own i have the AVG anti virus but it came with my computer i do hope it work for you for free. Good luck.

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    at this point a free anti virus isn't going to be much help

    if you can get into safe mode with network your fisrt would be avg free at www.download.com and search for AVG free

    that may not work you may need to go buy Macfee anti virus and security install it in safe mode and update it in safe mode with netowrk and try to scan and see if it works if both fail you have two options

    1 pull the hard drive out and take it to a freind with a clean computer and a anti virus program and have them scan it clean it and rescan

    2 take it to a computer repair shop or if you despreate best buy creep squad and have them do it. i'm not sure how good they are to be honest

    but you need to download and install under admin and in safe mode with network

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    If you can connect to the Internet, go to www.download.com and get AVG Free; its a free antivirus program. Install it, let it update it's virus signatures, and then scan your pc.

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    There is a site that advises on things like this for free and I've had considerable success with them. Try


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    This is a really good AV program

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