how can i get deep 360 waves?

i formally used to have good hair then i grew up and got diffrent haircuts, and now i want my waves back so if you could possibly help me thank you

I have sportin wave

Hair brush

fresh haircut

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    Well all you have to do is brush. I have waves and they connect all the way around. You don't have to use grease period. But, your scalp will get dry.

    To get waves you do the following:

    Wash your hair ( maintain to keep your hair healthy )

    Put your grease in ( doesn't have to be Sportin' Waves )

    Use a brush to brush the grease in good

    Then put your durag on

    Wake up in the morning get your brush and brush the sides that are close to your temple

    Short hair ( soft brush )

    hair grows a little ( medium brush )

    hair grows a lot ( hard brush ) I think you get the idea.

    When you wash your hair, use a brush and brush the shampoo in the way you would grease, then rinse it out.

    Get a cut when you think you need one.

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    brush put that pomade in twice or three times a week like monday then Wednesday then friday keep brushing and wolf/grow your hair out every two months for 5 to 6 weeks or anytime you want to grow it out to get deep waves

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    i asked my barber how to get waves and he said all u need is water and a brush. he told me to brush my hair when i was in the shower. i did and i brushed my hair for like 30 min after and i had waves all around.

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