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YWWE Raw pick winners and rate matches and show?

Vince McMahon comes to the ring followed by Raw GM, Abraham Washington. He says that this Sunday is Backlash. and the night after, YWWE will be changed forever. It will be shaken up! immediatly after Backlash, There will be a draft. Monday, new stars will debut on raw, like maybe the World Heavyweight champion, from Smackdown, either Undertaker or Sabu. or maybe John Cena will go from ECW to Raw. Or Triple H will go from Raw to Smackdown. Maybe the Diva's champion, Natalya will leave Smackdown and the Hart Dynasty to come to Raw. Who knows? No matter what happens in the draft, YWWE will never be the same. But on to tonight's main event. Abe interupts and wants to tell about the main event. Vince looks at him and says he could loss his GM job in the draft if he's not careful. Washington backs down. Vince goes on. Tonight's main event will be a 12 man main event featuring, Kane, Triple H, Mr. Kennedy, Randy Orton, The Rock and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin v WWE Champion, Kurt Angle, Brock Lesnar, Ted Dibiase, Jr., JBL, David Otunga and Sheamus.

1. Bo Rotundo w/ Duke Rotundo v Jeremy Buck w/ Max Buck

2. Orlando Jordan v Hernandez

Interveiw with Kurt Angle, Brock Lesnar, Ted Dibiase, Jr., JBL, David Otunga and Sheamus. Kurt says at Wrestlemania, he became WWE Champion and at Backlash he will retain. Brock Lesnar bucks up to Angle and tells him to enjoy the title because this is the last time he will be with it. Dibiase says Kennedy is not born better like he is. JBL says he is tired of Orton all around. Otunga reminds everyone he is an A-Lister. Sheamus tells Austin he better run and hide like the scared little girl he is and not show up Sunday

3. Alex Riley w/ The Miz v Maven

Post Match- Riley and Miz beat down Maven

4. Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart v Jesse Neal

5. The Bellas v Mickie James & Eve

Interveiw with Kane, Triple H, Orton, Kennedy, The Rock and Austin. Kane vows to take back his WWE title from Angle. Triple H says that he will walk out of Backlash WWE Champion, but will give Kane the first title shot. Kennedy says if it werent for Dibiase, he would have the MITB breifcase and would have cashed in and won against Angle the night after. Orton says Wrestlemania was just the beginning in his war with JBL. The Rock laughs at the idea the David Otunga thinks he is the biggest star. Austin talks about fear. How Sheamus knows he cannot beat Austin so he won't put up the European title. But then again the European title means nothing to Austin

6. Kane, Triple H, Mr. Kennedy, Randy Orton, The Rock & "Stone Cold" Steve Austin v Kurt Angle, Brock Lesnar, Ted Dibiase, Jr., JBL, David Otunga & Sheamus

Post Match- a brawl erupts between the heels and faces. WWE Champ Kurt Angle escapes out of the ring, only to be met by Big Show who chokeslams Angle on the ramp

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    -Jeremy Buck w/ Max Buck

    -Orlando Jordan


    -Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart

    -Mickie James and Eve

    -Team Angle

    I really liked how this set up. This reminds me of the 2003-2005 days and that's why I liked your shows. Jeremy Buck would have to defeat Bo Rotundo in their match to start off the card. Although the match would be epic, I would think that Jeremy pulls the victory out of nowhere. Orlando Jordan vs Hernandaz is an amazing match. The in ring ability of Orlando Jordan and the smashmout style of Hernandaz colliding would make for one hell of a match, I would think that Orlando Jordan takes the victory.

    Alex Riley w/ The Miz vs Maven is a well put together match. Maven should win it and The Miz and Alex Riley get upset about it. They beat Maven up after the match. Maven should issue an open challenge to either Alex Riley or The Miz in the upcoming weeks. Jim Neidhart would defeat Jesse Neal, point blank, as of right now, there is no comparison on who the winner of this match would be unless it's an upset. Another no comparison match would be the Diva's Tag-Team match. Mickie James and Eve have similar styles and I would be interested on seeing how they worked together.

    The Main Event is awesome, I liked the tension between Kurt Angle and The Big Show. A chokeslam on the ramp, has to hurt, it seems as if Angle wont be 100% at the PPV. The brawl reminds me of the late great Attitude Era. Also, all of your promo's are some of the best I've seen especially the hype for the main event.

    Overall Card...9.7/10

  • Promo 1-10/10

    Match 1-winner Jeremy-10/10

    Match 2-winner Hernandez-9/10

    Promo 2-10/10

    Match 3-winner Alex Riley-10/10

    Post Match-10/10

    Match 4-winner Jesse Neal-9/10

    Match 5-winners Mickie James and Eve-10/10

    Promo 3-10/10

    Match 6-winners Kane, HHH, Mr Kennedy, Randy Orton, The Rock, and Stone Cold-10/10

    Post Match-10/10

    Overall Show-9/10

    Any reason why we always have a PPV on the same day?

    Please rate my WWE RAW-http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=Au7X2...

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    YWWE Raw:

    Jeremy Buck(w/Max Buck)


    Alex Riley (w/The Miz)

    Jim Neidhart

    Mickie James & Eve

    Team Rock

    Great show. 9/10. Watch my WCW Monday Night Nitro episode # 11 if you want to.

  • 3 years ago

    Promo a million(10/10) adventure a million(winners Samoa Joe, Kaz, & Christopher Daniels)(10/10) adventure 2(winner Owen Hart)(9/10) adventure 3(winner Rey Mysterio)(10/10) Promo 2(10/10)(maximum suitable Promo) adventure 4(winners Joey Mercury & Luke Gallows)(9/10) adventure 5(winner Bryan Danielson)(10/10)(maximum suitable adventure) Promo 3(10/10) adventure 6(winner Mickie James)(10/10) Nikki Bella & Brie Bella removes Brooke Maria removes Maryse ODB removes Candice Michelle Maria removes Maxine Mickie James removes ODB Melina removes Hamada Angelina Love removes Jillian corridor Beth Phoenix removes Nikki Bella & Brie Bella Maria removes Beth Phoenix Velvet Sky removes Maria Angelina Love removes Eve Velvet Sky removes Angelina Love Mickie James removes Velvet Sky Melina removes Mickie James adventure 7(winner AJ types)(10/10)(maximum suitable adventure) submit adventure(10/10)

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  • Mr. E
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    9 years ago

    Bo Rutundo




    mickie Eve

    1st team

    9/10 good show

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    9 years ago

    what is ywwe

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