What kind of boat is a good boat for parties?

I'm looking for a boat that would hold about about 20-25 people COMFORTABLY.

Where can i find one one the internet?

Price of the boat?

Can you paste a website here?

Oh and what do you think about parties on boats?

Are they fun?

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    I have always had large "live aboard" size boats. Every year (during my working career) I would have an annual "boat party" and invite 30 (or so) of my closest friends, business customers, and associates. That all took place in the late 70s, 80s, (up to 93 when I retired). Today, everyone still remembers and still talks about my annual "boat parties".

    While my own boat was big enough... I always rented a charter boat from a friend of mine who kept his classic Fantail motor yacht in the same marina. This way, I could enjoy the party as much as everybody else. I paid my favorite restaurant to cater the food and snacks, as well as supply the bartenders and servers that roamed the boat delivering snacks and beverages (as well as keeping up with all the trash). I bought all the booze, mixers, ice and beverages myself and thus the bartenders were simply mixing and serving drinks. The charter was always from 10am to 10pm.

    So, my point here is mainly this... Have the party - it will be a very memorable and enjoyable time for everyone... but charter the boat with the Captain & crew. This way, you can enjoy the fun, mingle with your friends, and not be accountable or responsible for anything that might otherwise go wrong. Because I can tell you from more then 40 years of experience... you do not want the burden or responsibility of having that many people, (drinking alcohol) on your own boat with you stuck at the helm and responsible for eveyone on board.

    So, buy a boat if you want... but not to have a party... Charter the boat to party with, that way, everyone (including you) will have a great enjoyable time.

    Happy & Safe Boating,


    PS. Link below is about Classic Fantail Yachts... Enjoy!

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    A boat that would hold 20-25 people (legally) would be huge (60'+) and would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Your best bet would be to rent a house boat. Many of the larger inland lakes have places to rent them. For instance, Lake Cumberland in Tenn or Lake Mead in Nevada.

    House boating is a blast, no matter what age you are. If you are younger, they can be a great place to party with your friends and if you are older, they can be a great place to relax and catch up with family.

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    you should buy a cruiser you need a spacious boat which can accomodate good number of people and also has a good platform for people to stand and have drinks I would recommend you do a google search and see some good boats in the market here are some sites which might come in handy




    Source(s): google.com
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    boat party's are the best but you got to have a lot of money for that

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    This company is great. I've used them for my company parties and they always deliver! I don't know where you are, but there are many others too.

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