Gearing a mage for PVP?

i have a 80 mage and its got a 5.5k gs/ all raid gear. i want to start pvping and makin videos with my friend just for fun lol but i know absolutely nothing about pvp gear and what it needs or where is the best place to get it.. all my raid gear is gemmed with Spell Power but i heard someone say Spell Penetration is more important for PVP? if someone could explain the best pvp gear, where to get it, and what all i need to start pvp and arenas? :) ty (btw ill be spec'd as a Fire/arcane Mage if that helps..) lol

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    Where to get pvp gear? PVP, Depending on if you are horde or alli, you can buy the pvp gear with pvp points in Org or SW. You can also do WG for Wintergrasp tokens and buy lower end pvp gear there. VOA also drops pvp sets.

    You need 130 spell pen for pvp, besides that continue gemming for SP.

    If you have access to very high end pve gear, it can be better then pvp gear. Mostly weapons/boots ( as they are crafted and easy to get), and dmg trinkets.

    Since you are going fire/arcane which has low surviability compared to frost, depending on what you are playing with, you can either do 1 of 2things. Wear full resillience (pvp) gear > try to mitigate the damage as much as you can. Wear full pve gear with pvp trinkets/3-4 off set pvp peices to get 130 spell pen to try to get as much damage out as quickly as possible. if you have questions. Also check out, lots of strats/gear questions/macros, ect

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