what counties in md can you be a police officer without a degree?

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  • Moore
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    1 decade ago
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    I must assume you mean college degree (2 yr Associates or 4 yr.Bachelors). Also, please note that some departments do not require a degree, but DO require a minimum number of college credits (example is Howard County Police)

    Those that require a high school diploma but no college credits are as follows (though college is preferred in most cases and/or required to advance in rank)

    -Maryland State Police

    -Prince George's County

    -Anne Arundel County Police

    -Baltimore City Police Department

    -Calvert County Sheriff's Office

    -Caroline County Sheriff's Department

    -Cecil County Sheriff's Office

    -Frederick County Sheriff's Office

    -Harford County Sheriff's Office

    -Kent County Sheriff's Office

    -Queen Anne's County Sheriff's Office

    There are city police departments too, but there are far too many for me to name. Look for an area you WANT to work in too. PG for example is very very rough, but if you are gungho about police work and like the challenge, that may be a good place. On the other hand many Eastern Shore and more rural counties are very quiet with little crime, but you have to drive long distances to get anywhere.

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    my best friend growing up has been a Police officer since we graduated high school in 98. he has had many a promotion and does very well for himself. he has been to 3 different police departments in California (he likes to move a lot and has no issues getting a job) and they all only require a high school diploma or G.E.D i doubt its different from state to state. if you just want to be a regular Cop i doubt you will need more than that.

    Now if you want to work in a lab or other places im sure they require more however, most PD's do not have their own CSI or lab and usually sub that out to civilian contractors who make way way more money and have an education beyond high school.

  • Jay
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    1 decade ago

    All of the counties. However you won't be promoted beyond the lowest ranks without a degree.

  • 1 decade ago

    Alabama. You don't have to have anything but the 6 grade report card.

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