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Eric Johnson has never divorced?

The love affairs of ex-49ers tight end Eric Johnson and famous actress Jessica Simpson are the headline of many newspapers for many days. However, I was astonished that the new boyfriend of Jessica is in fact still not divorced?

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    Surprisingly, the average football fan that comes on this site sees your shitty attempt at referring to your poorly made jerseys repeatedly and rather than googling your site, gets annoyed and wants no part of your inferior product.


    One of many who are tired of you and your business, please go fist yourself until you die from the blood loss.

    Source(s): I really meant it...fucking die. Or at the very least spend the rest of your days being audited while listening to John Tesh.
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    right here is the bizarre difficulty - in case you asked Satch , Vai , and Eric who THEIR fav guitarist is, that they had all say Hendrix. My vote for Satch might kinda be "the main Un-Hendrix participant" , reason Steve Vai and Eric Johnson coated Hendrix songs, Vai soaked up the non secular / cosmic difficulty from Hendrix , and Eric discovered the stuff to the place he can sound basically like if want be. i won't be in a position to evaluate Hendrix to the different 3 in spite of the undeniable fact that , reason technique and guitar tone has come so some distance for the reason that Jimi died.

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    Who cares? What does this have to do with football? Shouldn't this be in the celebrity gossip section?

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    hahahahahaha, Baracoli

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