If the Israeli lobby has no influence on American politicians, then why do so many attend AIPAC rallies?

It seems illogical that American politicians- in droves- attend AIPAC, only to claim that AIPAC has no influence upon them.

That is like saying you attend a NAZI meeting and have no NAZI affinities.

Or, attending a gun rights rally and have no interest in gun rights.

Or, attending an "Independent Palestine" rally and not having affinities with Palestinians.

Just how retarded does AIPAC, the Chrstian Right, and the New York Post really think we are?

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    AIPAC is the pink elephant in the room. Even their recent spying activities didn't prompt our bought off (and blackmailed) politicians to require them to register as foreign agents. Neo-conservatives don't complain about Israel's influence because essentially they have divided loyalties. The terrorism thing was great for them, as now they can pretend Israel's interests are ours and lobby our government to fight their wars and accept their forked tongues as gospel. I can't remember how many times some unnamed source was the Mossad and it was false info designed to get us to fight their wars.

    People need to pull their heads out of their buts and instead of parroting "Israel is the only democracy in the Mideast," they need to closely examine Israel. Once in a while you will get a glimpse of the real Israel while reading Jerusalem Post (right wing), Al Haretz (left of center) and Arab media (can't be classified). But the real bad stuff is written in Hebrew and in Arabic.

    The sad thing is that Israel's militarism since the land was taken from the Palestinians has pushed the people right into the arms of radical militant Muslims. There used to be a lot of Christians over there, and few militants. And the tiny number of Jews that were there before WW1 got along with the native people. This is about militant Zionism and religious wackos engaged in a holy war with other religious wackos. We as Americans need to recognize that Christians and Jews in this nation are using our sons and daughters to fight their holy wars. Likewise, the people of the Middle East need to recognize that their sons and daughters are being used in service of their religious wars.

    Ideally, only Christians and Jews should be sent to fight Muslims, but unfortunately they need to use the rest of us as shields. I wish they could have their own states so that when their is a retaliatory Muslim attack, they target only their enemies.

    Then again, a sword fight would do better.

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    Jews will be Jews.

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