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What is the best american made sedan from 2005 - present?

i am buying a car soon,

my choises in order from interest go as follow,

Chevy Malibu LTZ - Mainly because it gets the best gas mpg.

Cadillac STS - Its a cadillac 'nuff said

Lincoln MKZ - its realy nice looking car inside and out

Buick Lacrosse - pretty nice car, bit expansive though.

so what do you think the best bang for the buck is?

and if not what other choices do you have?

sorry not to offend but i dont like japanese and euro cars as much.

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    What's best for me might not be best for you. Quiet, comfortable, good handling, performance, mileage, reliability, no car has it all. Besides, it's not fair to compare a car tops out at $70,000 (STS) with one you can buy for $25,000 (LTZ or LaCrosse). The LaCrosse is the same price as the Malibu so why do you think it's expensive.

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    Ford Fusion

    Pontiac G8

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    Try a Dodge Charger. They are cheap and easy to maintain and they are faster than any choice you have. They have a hemi. Go for the 5.7 liter hemi if your worried about gas milege because it turns into a 4 cylinder while at cruising speeds (around 40mph). If you want one of the fastest sedans out there go with the 6.1 liter hemi equipped Dodge Charger.

    Source(s): Owned a 2008 Dodge Charger
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    Ford SHO, which is still pretty new, so the prices will still be up there.

    Ford Fusion Sport AWD, hard to find but lots of bang.

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  • 10 years ago

    cadillac cts v

    pontiac g8 gxp

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