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The meaning of life... Dark truth. There is but no point. Kein Leben, kein Leid.?

I have a question for all you people. Who the **** cares about life? Not me. I see living as a pointless and depressing thing. I mean we all get death in the end so what the hell is the point? People have told me its to be as happy as you can be in the time you are given. Well what if you cant be happy? what if lefe isnt happy? I mean like i said. We all get death in the end. So whats the point of being happy? Like is life that great? What do we get for living? Look around you. Theres drugs sex violence murder. Kids as young as 12 years old are having sex already. I know specific people too. So many kids are doing drugs and getting involved with partys and alcohol. Our world is a piss place to live in. And for all you religious people, I dont think any god would be proud of this creation. So if there were a God. I believe he would have ended this place already. And dont argue that he hasnt destroyed earth yet cause he believes its still sucha beautiful place to live. Its not. Seriously look around you. How could anyone stand to live here? What is the point? Really. For those of you who are super successful people who have lots of money and an amazing family.. what is the point? You work your **** off to get to that position where your making 6 figures a year to only get rewarded with death in the end. Its like building a house just to burn it down. Its extremely pointless. And for those of you who say love is the root to all happiness. Love is a myth. Love and the emotions accompanied by this word are meaningless and pointless feelings. My favorite analogy, why ride the happy train knowing it results in a crash? Whats the point to be happy? its been said so many times that life and peoples hi and lows resemble a sine wave. you have a high then you have a low. why not stay at the bottom? why make the effort to get up just to get down again? life is so meaningless and pointless its rediculous to live. and for those smart asses who want to tell me to just kill myself.. i am going to. its so stupid to live.


Guys.. i havent obviously killed myself YET but for those of you who tell me its just a state of mind.. its not. Ive done the psychiatric hospital, the counseling.. 4 to be exact.. ive tried the meds.. all resulted in failure.. i wanna talk to actuall people for once.. not people who are "trained" and getting paid for it.. and i know its a selfish thing.. but people everyday are selfish.. thats one thing ive learned in the 19 years of being on this wretched earth. Everyone only does the right thing so they can feel good about themselves... Like you all are trying to help because you know its the right thing.. so that way if something does happen.. you can atleast tell yourself you have tried, to make yourself feel better.

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    The choice to live is yours. Life is a choice. As to the meaning of life, we live only to glorify God. Glorification means exhibiting the personality of God. In essence, it means thinking, acting and behaving like Jesus Christ, who came to show us how to live in this SIN STAINED WORLD.

    As to why one should live, it's simple. Remember the song, "Because he lives.... i can face tomorrow".

    Source(s): Holy Bible
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    I have been in a largely similiar frame of mind before and to be honest you are just wasting your own time torturing yourself with that kind of view of the world. Honestly, there is no point to life as you say. Points are something we made up. But since when did life have to have a point? If you believe that life should have a meaning or else it is terrible then the truth is gonna hurt a lot. We are after all subjective creatures with feelings and ideologies on how the world should be so your feelings are rarely logical or have some grand reason to exist. You are stuck with them though so there is a point in feeling happy. Whether you like it or not you are plugged into your emotions so you should cultivate the positive ones. Stop seeing everything so logically like a computer because life isnt like that; its an experience. And as much as you probably doubt my sincerety here, i really am begging you not to kill yourself. Dont do anything stupid over a state of mind that WILL pass believe it or not (as i didnt).

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    Is there a meaning to life? sure, do i know the answer? I know how it all works far beyond anything you have ever heard, but not why. As for God destroying the place, you may be closer to it than you think, stick around for a couple of years you may get to see something really impressive. As for the drugs and the kids, well you can blame that on the government removing parental and school dicipline, we only got these problems when they were stopped. So that is mankind stuffing up mankind, no brainer to see that one. Love well you do have a reasonable point there, it is simply a combination of emoitions like happiness and gratitude combined to give a sense of being needed and wanted for being just you. email me and i will send you some information that will blow your mind, not religious in any way but where you came from and what will happen afterwards, all science, no religion whatsoever, more like sci-fi but things you can check yourself, the secret to the universe itself, it may just change your mind.

    Source(s): look up at the night sky and see the evening star, now close you eyes and imagine you can see it without the bright glow, for the evening star is venus a planet, now remember there is no true photo of a star on record, only digital productions and bright blurry blobs, now look up again and close your eyes and see all the stars as you see venus in the only manner we "know" is fact and tell me what you see now.
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    Oh dude, please don't kill yourself. Even if YOU think the world is an awful place to live in, not everyone does. And if you die, there will be a lot of people who will be really sad. Even if you think they don't care, TRUST me, they do. So it's actually kind of selfish to kill may end your pain but it makes a lot of other people suffer a lot more than necessary. Also, you ask what is the point of living if you're just going to die? Everything comes to an end. Why ride a rollercoaster if you're just going to have to get off? Because it's fun while you're on it. It's the same thing with life. And if you believe in God...then death isn't the end.

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    Think of it this way, life is killing you right now. Dont kill yourself let life do it for you.

    I am 20 so I know that I only got 80 more years to live so I can wait lol.

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    easily german use this type sentence no longer so oftentimes. existence isn't a mattress of roses, besides the undeniable fact that it is not undesirable the two. (this no longer a one to a minimum of one translation, besides the undeniable fact that it comes close the what it skill.) in german you may use extra this. Leben ist nicht immer nur Honigschlecken. regards JohnH

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    meaning of life = for funzies


    Did you kill yourself yet? Can you wait till tomorrow and pick this as the best answer first? kthxbai

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    If only we were like the simple beasts. They can't see the future

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    you create you own meanings. find something to live for.. then pass it on to all these ******* we call our youth :(

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    Please do not kill yourself. Call a suicide hotline

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