Earthquake!! Help.....?

I was wondering, how have we(that is any country) dealth with Earthquakes in the past(?) and how do we deal with them now?? Also feel free to add your own opinion on how we could better the effictivness of earthquake response!!

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    Earthquakes are a major threat to all cities (or any type of land, rural, urban, or city) located on a fault line. A fault line is usually an area where two tectonic plates meet. The plates slowly grind past each other, and occasionally, jerk quickly apart to create seismic waves that travel through the Earth. These seismic waves leave massive destruction anywhere they impact, and humans have had many catastrophic things happen to there cities. San Fransisco, California, Wednesday, April 18th, 1906. A large earthquake, registering somewhere between 7.7 and 8.2 on the Richter Scale, caused buildings to crumble in the cities. Many people died, but the disaster had only begun. The seismic waves from the earthquake broke gas pipelines, creating fires throughout the city. These fires caused more damage than the initial shaking. San Fransisco, and all kinds of other cities on fault lines, are reinforcing their buildings with rubber "shock absorbers" that let the building above stand still while the rubber absorbers move back and forth, up and down to match the earthquake's seismic waves. This leaves the building above suffering little to no damage. Although this is an expensive project, it has been tested in labs to work great. It will certainly reduce casualties during earthquakes.

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    ancient greeks thought they were the underworld gods swallowing them up and later on all events like these were thought as omens of something bad happening soon. they probably looked to the animals that detected the seimic waves beneath their feet for indications of a quake or tremor.

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