Anybody know any good dares?

Im playing truth or dare tonight with friends and i need some good dares. Any ideas?

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    1. dare her to call/text a boy that you know she likes

    2. dare her to cut her hair... like right then and there, with a mirror and scissors

    3. make something in the kitchen (keep it safe, no rotten, poison, or allergies) and dare her to eat it

    4. dare her to post something (you and your other friends decide what) on facebook

    5. dare her to let you and your friends do her hair... then go crazy with it :)

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    Holy Crap, I was waiting for someone to answer this! My friends and I had a sleepover a few nights ago and played Truth Or Dare for along time.

    1. I Dare you to lick _____ area

    2. I Dare you to call your crush and be retarded

    3. I Dare you to prank call _____

    4. I Dare you to run outside butt naked screaming something

    5. I Dare you to kiss her for _____ seconds

    6. I Dare you to stick your head out the window and yell something stupid

    7. I Dare you to go next door in the middle of the night and ask for your mail back.

    8. I Dare you to go to go to the house owners bro/sis (If has one) and say Hi butt naked.

    9. I Dare you to eat a mouthful of cinnamion (Tastes Terrible)

    If you need any truths, Here are some

    1. Are you a lesbian?

    2. Are you a Bi?

    3. Who's your crush?

    4. Have you ever prank-called someone?

    5. Have you peed your bed at all this year?

    If you need more, Mail me at Bye, Hope I helped!

    Source(s): Played Truth or Dare a lot in my history.
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    ok lol im a teen and ive done theses ones lol

    1. run around with ur underwear on all over the house.

    2. (to a guy) i dare you to kiss the other person as we all know how that works lol.

    3. i dare you to eat a mouth full of mustard.

    4. i dare you to call someone on the phone and ask someone out.

    hoped i helped lol.

    Source(s): haha!
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    Lick the toilet seat! I dared my friend once and I still can't believe he did it! LOL

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    yeah....heres a few....

    1. put peanutbutter on one foot and jelly on the other...wipe it off with two pieces of bread to make a peanut buttr jelly snadwich and eat itt.....(gross)

    2. tell one person in the room ur biggest secret ur crush and tell their mom or dad that u like their child

    4.take of two articles of clothing and keep them off for five turns..the group decides what two peices of clothing though.

    5. kiss the player opposite

    6. kiss each player

    7. give someone else in the group a lap dance

    8.dunk ur head in the toilet

    9. put gum in someone elses mouth without using ur hands

    lol theres lots

    and their is a ton of apps you could use(:

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    1. dare them to run somewhere naked

    2. dare them to flash an older person

    3. dare them to eat hot sauce

    4. dare them to put their boob/junk in ice water

    5. invite someone to cam with just a hat, box, sock, etc hanging on a stiffy

    6. pick something up with just your mouth

    7. give yourself a wedgie

    8. sing a stupid song

    9. pole dance naked or in undies

    10. hump a pole, chair, etc in undies or nothing at all

    11. Stand up and chug a beer

    12. Stand up and chug a beer with only small towel or wash cloth to cover yourself with

    13. Take something off every time someone says a word starting with the letter “y”

    14. Dance on your chair in undies or nude

    15. Put your hand down your pants for 1 minute

    16. 20 jumping jacks in a towel

    17. 10 pushups in a towel

    18. 10 pull ups in a towel

    19. Put on undies from the opposite sex

    20. Hit “invite to view cam” strip naked and get redressed before they accept

    21. Jump on bed naked in undies with just pillow or in towel

    22. Hang a shower cap on your “hook”

    23. Make an outfit from floss and wash cloths invite all friends to view

    24. lick the toilet seat

    25. eat paper

    26. wear women's lingerie

    27. put ice cubes in pants don’t remove

    28. put hand in toilet water

    29. lick the bottom of their foot or big toe

    30. jumping jacks in a bathrobe or stand on chair in bathrobe then drop to ground with curtains open

    31. for a boy have him get himself hard and stand at attention without moving until his is no longer erect (this is a great time for other players to mess with him since he can’t move)

    32. wrap them in duct tape from the neck down

    33. email someone a dirty picture

    34. cover body in whipped cream or lotion

    35. call radio station and sing song to the dj and everyone else

    36. strip to underwear for rest of game(if dare given to boy he must wear his underwear on his head if he gets erection)

    37. have a girl give the guy in his underwear a lap dance

    38. wear a speedo made out of TP

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    u could dare someone to roll your neighbor's house!!! or ding-dong-ditch them!!! hahaha!

    you could dare someone to write something embarrassing on their arm

    lick the ceiling fan

    def. lick the toilet seat!! good idea!! lol

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