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Anonymous asked in Beauty & StyleHair · 10 years ago

Dying blonde hair black..please help?

so i have (dyed) light blonde hair and im going to dye it black. i heard somewhere that dying blonde hair black can turn it that true? also on the hair dye box the lightest color suggested to dye itt is medium brown, so i was thinking, do i have to dye it brown and then black? i really don't wanna do that cause i dont wanna damage my hair further than it already is by dying it twice instead of once. what do i do? also when blonde hair is dyed black and it fade, what color does it turn? is loreal preference the best or a good box hair dye? if not what is a really good one that doesnt fade and wont damage my hair that bad?

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  • Eliz
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    10 years ago
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    I agree with Wolf Chick. Dying light hair black, especially if you have very fair or pale skin, doesn't always look natural and usually ends up looking fake and gross. Kinda emo-wannabe-ish. I mean, I can't say for sure because I've never seen nor met you, but in my opinion I would go with a different color. My friend had dirty blonde/blondish colored hair, mostly dirty blonde and then one day I come to school and she had died her hair really dark brown, almost black, because she said she loved my hair color (I'm Turkish so i have olive/tan skin, dark brown eyes, and really dark brown hair). Let me tell you that it looked so fake and disgusting and just plain FAKE. It started looking even worse after a couple months and her roots were blonde. Ew. But anyway, you want your hair color to look natural and to go and compliment what you already have aka your skin color, eye color, clothing style... Mainly your skin color.

    But I would say to talk to a professional for more information. You can call up your normal hair dresser and ask her some questions before deciding.

    Hope I helped :D :D and good luck on your new hair color!!

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  • 10 years ago

    Black dye will not turn hair green. Black is a "cool tone" and cool tones as those have blues and violets in them. So most likely, your hair will have a violet black cast. You do not have to dye your hair brown first. But you really shouldn't do it yourself either. All hair is made up of blue, yellow and red molecules. You need to replenish your hair with the molecules it is and yellow. Only a professional hairstylist would know how to do this. There is no "good box" of hair dye. "Box color" has metallic salts in them, all of them have this, and these salts are deposited in your hair, which leaves your hair with a metal in them, that damages your hair. You're better off spending the money to have a professional dye your hair.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    If it were me, first i'd look up and see if you can find any vids on Youtube, i kinda think this is a bad idea, one time i bleached blonde streaks in my black hair;....... BAD!!!!!! BAD!!!! BAD!!!!! B-A-D!!!!!!!!

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