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Why is my Gumbo Slimy?

We cooked gumbo last night and the taste is really good however it is very slimy ( we know the Okra is the culprit, It was fresh and we added it to it 30 min before we were through cooking it.)

What caused it? And how do you fix it?

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    Okra slimes the more you cut it, and it also turns into goop if you overcook it- I found the best things to do are use smaller pods so you end up cutting less, don't overcook it, and stir gently as you cook, since too much disturbance makes the slime go on overdrive.

    It probably wouldn't be ideal for gumbo, but a friend of mine will nip off the tips of okra and then stir-fry it first before cutting it up for soups or other dishes.

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  • to cut the slime in okra, I use tomatoes.. but not sure what you would use other than that, I have never been able to cook okra besides in cornmeal fried and the way I said without it being slimy

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    Add it like 10 mins before, and it shouldn't be so slimy.

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